Indian Breast Pump Market Witnessing Exponential Growth

Release Date: 10-Oct-2019

Lifestyle of modern mothers is full of stress and work load and hence they are not able to spend the quality time with their babies, which results in improper breastfeeding pattern. This result in development of health complications in mother and their babies and therefore, a vital need of breast milk isolating devices, known as breast pumps, is generated. Breast pumps are the medical devices that are able to isolate the milk from breast, collect it in a bottle and preserve the milk for a required period of time. By using this device, a mother can collect the milk at work place and then feed their child after returning to the home. These breast pumps works on the principle of vacuum and hence easy to use and gaining popularity among the working mothers nowadays.


As per the recent research report "India Breast Pump Market Opportunity, Price and Sales Outlook 2025" published by Kuick Research, the breast pumps in India are emerging as a new segment in the medical device market and tremendous growth is going on in this sector. This new class of medical device is widely accepting among the Indian mothers, especially in the area with high literacy rate. The benefits of the breast pump are boosting the Indian breast pump market and this device is emerging as a vital need of modern mothers of India.


Download Report:,-price-and-sales-outlook-2025.php


The breast pump market of India is growing at an exponential rate and it is emerging as a most rapidly growing segment in the medical device market. The presence of different types of breast pumps such as single, double, manual, electronic and battery operated pumps are providing a vast choice for the mothers and they are available at variable price. Therefore, the breast pumps are for everyone and they are independent on the economic condition of the population. The presence of Medela, leader of global breast pump market, in India is indicating the high potential of the Indian breast pump market. Both the hospital grade and personal breast pumps are available in India and continuous advancement in this sector results in the development of new advanced hands free breast pumps, which will take the Indian breast pump market to the next level in upcoming years.


Further, high population, high birth rate and increasing involvement of the women workforce in India clearly say about the success of breast pumps in future. The leaders of global Breast pump market are now considering the high potential market of India and currently, they are mainly targeting the regions with high literacy and women workforce such as Kerala, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bengaluru etc. The leading companies in this sector are Medela, Haakaa Silicon, Philips Avents, Lansinoh, Trumom etc. and they are introducing their best and advanced products in India.


After analyzing the various parameter of Indian breast pump market, we believe that this market segment will witness an exponential growth in upcoming years. The number of different types of breast pumps available in market and involvement of leading companies in Indian market clearly indicates a very bright future of this market segment. The challenges are overcoming day by day with the availability of advanced breast pumps in India and many driving factors are continuously boosting the growth of this market segment. The cost analysis shows that these devices are easily approachable and benefits of these pumps will take this market to the next level.              


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