India Breast Pump Market Opportunity, Price and Sales Outlook 2025

  • No. of Pages: 90
  • Publish Date: August-2019
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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"India Breast Pump Market Opportunity, Price and Sales Outlook 2025" Report Highlights:


  • Indian Breast Pump Market Analysis

  • India Breast Pump Market Opportunity Assessment:

  • Indian Consumer Behavior Survey For Breast Pump Usage and Awareness

  • Commercially Available Breast Pumps and Price Analysis

  • Business Models for Indian Breast Pump Market : E-Commerce v/s Brick and Mortar

  • Indian Breast Pump Market Dynamics


Indian breast pump market is emerging as one of the rapidly growing market in the field of mechanical medicinal devices. Busy lifestyle of the modern working mothers creates a vital demand of special medical devices known as breast pumps. These devices are able to isolate and collect the breast milk and preserve the nutritive value of the milk. It enables the mother to collect the milk while they are working and then breast feeds the baby by using the stored milk in bottles. Breast pump is gaining popularity and emerge as one of the essential medical device.


According to recent survey done by Kuick Research, around 80% of the total working women are willing to use the breast pumps during lactating period due to work/job related commitments. The women of age more than 30 years, are more eager to use the breast pumps. It is also observed that most of the Indian mothers use the breast pumps because of the recommendation of Physician/gynecologist. The data obtained from Kuick Research survey clearly shows that the major hindrance for the breast pump market is the cultural mindset of the Indian population. 


Further, in some breast related problems with Indian lactating mothers, these pump plays an essential role in order to overcome the medical/health related issues. Breast pumps are also able to stimulate the breast and increases the release of milk. As these problem of hormonal imbalance, invert nipple and undeveloped breast are increasing continuously, it will boost the sale of breast pumps in upcoming years.


At present, various types of breast pumps are available in the Indian market such as manual breast pump, electric breast pumps, battery operated breast pumps etc. The research work is continuously performing to reduce the size of breast pumps and make them portable. In the upcoming years, the light weight breast pumps with adjustable suction power will available in market, which will boost the demand of breast pumps and take it to the another level.


The awareness about the breast pump is also increasing day by day driven by seminars, conferences and programmes conducted by health and education institutes, which promote the breast pump and provide information to the peoples about the importance of the breast milk for the baby. All these awareness programs may generate demand of breast pumps among the working as well as non working women and will provide ample thrust to the Indian breast pumps market in future.

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