Syndicated Research

Companies all over the world collectively spend billions of dollars annually on gathering public opinion or planning/creating/running marketing/advertising research services. Through such market research, they gather information and perform analysis of data that connects them to the public and the end-consumer. It aids in finding market problems, assessing actions, control performance and improve their overall impact. Syndicated research offers multiple companies the same report, which then can be used as a standard, ongoing process to assist collection of data for further studies.

Kuick Research offers definite syndicated reports for a nominal service fee. Our detailed reports are of immense value to companies in similar trade and are not available outside or in any of the libraries. We prepare these reports through continuous data collection of a specific product or a group of products or the purchasing/consumption behaviour of a particular target market segment. Clients, after subscribing to this data, can perform further analysis or ask us to customise the report as per their requirement.

Key Benefits

Kuick Research has both syndicated research and customised research capabilities. We can even perform competitor tracking exercise for you for a small cost. To know more about how we can assist in your market research strategy, please contact us via

Need custom market research solution? We can help you with that too.