Custom Research

At Kuick Research, we understand that sometimes one size does not fit all. We are often contacted by clients to do a more diverse research and analysis particularly to cater to their specific information/data requirements. Some of such researches include market analysis, feasibility studies, opportunity analysis product positioning, market assessment studies, evaluation of strategic options and other project specific researches.

Our approach begins by identifying your needs, and is followed by recognising clusters of target market segment to allow the report to focus on the subset of opportunities that give you the competitive advantage. We have adequate internal resources to conduct the research, the right experience and expertise to identify, interview and report the relevant audience for the personalised report.

The key benefits of custom research include:

Kuick Research has both syndicated research and customised research capabilities. We can even perform competitor tracking exercise for you for a small cost. To know more about how we can assist in your market research strategy, please contact us via

Need custom market research solution? We can help you with that too.