Competitor Tracking

To be the best in the market, you need to be on a constant lookout of your competitors. Knowing & understanding what they are offering, their marketing and product assortment strategies can enable your own products to stand out. You can reach a better target audience, set your game plan aggressively and gain an edge over your competitor in the market and to counter their campaigns with your initiatives.

Kuick Research offers Competitor Tracking and Market Research service that you can use directly to improve your own business performance. We see it as an ongoing process that deepens your awareness about the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. We help you find out what does your target audience think about your competition. We search online – through surveys, blogs, social media and offline – print, telephone, sms to know the current opinion. We give you heads up if there are any gaps in their strategies, so that you can plan yours accordingly.

Our team works diligently to prepare clear, impartial and purposeful information for your immediate use. With our years of research experience, we prepare comprehensive reports that cover all the competitor’s insights. It means knowing not only your direct competitors, but also those who do not compete in the same market as yours. For example, if your business involves manufacturing sunglasses, other than those who are in the same line of your work, we also do research on spectacles, lenses, glasses, frames manufacturers and promoters to give you a 360-degree review.

Tracking the competition also gives you useful inputs for innovation. If there is something new in the market, you can know about it the instant it is perceived or launched and brainstorm on ideas to make a similar or better version. Or if the rival is using a business strategy which isn’t yielding the results it should have, you could devise a better plan to counter it.

From knowing what your customers think of your competitor to understanding how the rival companies are promoting and branding themselves in the industry, tracking your competition has many direct and indirect benefits. To know more about how you can take advantage of our pioneered technology in the same field, please contact us today.

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