US Orphan Drugs Market Overview

Release Date: 25-Jul-2023

US Orphan Drugs Market and Clinical Trials Insight 2028 Report Highlights:



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US is currently dominating the global market for orphan drugs with over 300 drugs currently available in the market and more than 1000 in clinical pipelines. FDA’s orphan drug designation has played a crucial role in helping the market reach new heights. The US market for orphan drugs was valued around US$ 100 Billion in the year 2022, and is further anticipated to surpass US$ 150 Billion by 2028, which will make it the highest revenue-generating region for orphan drugs globally. This is also expected to encourage more pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to carry out the research and development to discover and create new compounds or repurpose existing drugs to provide therapeutic effects to patients with orphan diseases.


The US orphan drugs market holds potential for immense growth in the coming years because of government policies and those by the US FDA, which will help it maintain its stance as the leader of the global orphan drugs market. For more information about the US orphan drugs market down load report sample from above mentioned report weblink.

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