3D Ultramicroscopy to Indulge itself with Better Resolution of Cancer Microenvironment

Release Date: 03-Nov-2020

It is very important to analyze the left-over cancer cells after performing surgery in order to observe the chances of cancer recurrence in the patients. This respective parameter has now been taken into serious consideration as researchers have now developed a novel technique that could completely revolutionize this respective scenario in the overall cancer treatment.

It can be verified by using a microscope whether the removed cancer cells from the body of the patient is surrounded by healthy cells. If the tumor cells is surrounded by healthy cells, then the patients only needs to recover but vice-versa of this requires special attention such as follow-up surgery and additional radiation treatment. It has also been observed that it is very challenging to examine the tumor cells in such possible way.


Although with the help of novel technique called as ultramicroscopy, cancer cells can be observed in all the three dimensions. The sample extracted from the site of the tumor gets examined under the microscope as a light sheet. The layer wise analyses of the sample can further be conducted for the future verification. It is estimated that such revolution in the field of cancer therapeutics will completely revolutionize the pathology sector. It is providing all the possibilities of developing greater reliability on verifying the progression of the cancer cells after receiving an effective treatment.

According to the researchers working on the study, this novel 3D tumor microscopy technique could make all the pathology work very easy. The analysis of the enormous important data available in the tumor specimen opens up several avenues for the researchers as well as patients who are highly dependent on such progressive findings.

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