Theragrippers Changing Drug Release Industry by its Promising Activities

Release Date: 11-Nov-2020

In case of delivery of drugs to the desired location, researchers all across the globe are concentrated towards the adoption of nano- or microfabricated devices including protein encapsulating microparticles, microneedles for transdermal delivery, and microchips containing drug reservoirs. The availability of dynamic microfabricated smart integrated devices have been accomplished by the researchers but the availability of submillimeter-scale miniaturization of dynamic devices had remained a challenge for longer period of time. Some of the properties that have led to the difficulties in the development of submillimeter-scale miniaturization of dynamic devices are: bulkiness of existing batteries and challenges with reduced wireless power coupling to electrically small antennas.


On the other side, the development of therapgrippers by the researchers have ended this respective challenge as by using such innovative technology energy can be derived from the triggered release of thin-film differential stress. The theragrippers when combined with appropriate tailored hydrogel patch was able to enhance drug release characteristics, thus causing an opening of the hundreds of novel therapeutic windows.


The developed theragrippers are small in size and are capable of performing uniform drug dispersion.  Also, the performance of the technology can be improved by altering the geometry, hydrogel matrix, and drug formulation. It has been observed that 250-andmu;m-sized theragripper claws carries the ability to penetrate about 30 to 40 andmu;m into the colon and the total retention time of the theragrippers in the colon was about 24 hours. The introduction of ketorolac using theragrippers through rectal mode when compared with oral ingestion was also found to be effective as rectal mode of introducing ketorolac using theragrippers was not developing any stomach bleeding and ulceration. It is estimated that the emergence of theragrippers in the pharmaceutical industry will complete revolutionize the total healthcare standards adopted for different types of diseases.  

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