Targeting Adrenomedullin Hormone to Significantly Improve Life Expectancy in Patients Suffering from Different Cancer Types

Release Date: 28-Nov-2020

A novel study focuses towards improving the overall life expectancy as well as quality of the patients suffering from pancreatic cancer as well as breast cancer. Researchers are focused towards a hormone called as adrenomedullin, which is estimated to control the blood pressure as well as is also responsible for the development and stimulation of cancer cells. The researchers are now inclined towards developing novel drug molecules called as adrenomedullin-2 receptor antagonists which will eventually block the mechanism of action of adrenomedullin and afterwards development stage of cancer cells.   


According to the researchers who are inclined towards the respective clinical research study, their investigational drug has delivered positive impact on the treatment of the mouse models having pancreatic cancer. Blocking of the hormone action by using drug against will cut -off all the important supplies that are required for the development of the cancer cells inside the body. It is witnessed that the drug will provide enormous amount of opportunities to the patients suffering from pancreatic cancer. Also, the efficiency of the drug towards stopping the tumor cells from re-growth also delivers another important opportunistic window for the cancer patients as well as researchers involved in this. Another important opportunity that is associated with the treatment is that it doesn’t target healthy cells, thus limiting off-targeting which now-a-days is the major disadvantage of most of the cancer therapies available in the market.


The research study that involves study of hormone blocking is estimated to deliver beneficial results for the treatment of the cancers that are hard to treat such as lung cancer and other types of cancer that gets relapsed quickly. The pioneering research done with respect to the treatment of cancer is estimated to be transforming the entire cancer therapeutics market at rate that will never be observed for any other cancer therapy in the future.

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