T-Cell Therapy Vs. Vaccine for the Treatment of Covid-19 Patients

Release Date: 17-Nov-2020

Covid-19 outbreak has infected more than 40 million people across the globe and more than million deaths worldwide. Due to no treatment available for the virus, WHO has declared the outbreak as a pandemic and advised the people to take various precautions while stepping out to crowded places. In order to overcome the challenge that is lying in part of Covid-19 treatment, hundreds of clinical trials for vaccines is underway. A group of researchers in the US have purposed that T cell therapy is a way safer therapy and treatment option for the Covid-19 infected patients.


According to the researcher working on the above-mentioned clinical research study, T cell therapy could effectively reduce the risk of immunocompromised patients. As per the research conducted, T cell therapy could help the patients to develop a strong immune response in the patients before they are exposed to the virus and prevent the patients from getting infected with severe Covid-19. All the hypothesis that has been purposed by the researchers is based on the phase 1 clinical trial conducted for testing the effectiveness of T cell in case of EBVV virus. In the respective clinical trial for Covid-19, patients received specific T cells from the recovered patients. It was found that the infused T cells in the patients were able to fight against multiple strains of the virus. It was suggested by the patients working on the clinical research study, Covid-19 vaccine may be considered as unsafe for the patients who have compromised immune system, thereby suggesting T cell therapy as a novel treatment option for Covid-19 patients.

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