Super-Engineered Antibodies as Novel Emerging Therapy against HIV

Release Date: 06-Nov-2020

A group of researchers have researched about the HIV strains and found a vaccine that could attack 99% of the HIV strain infection in case of primates. The antibody developed by the researchers is estimated to be targeting some of the important molecules of the virus. As per analysis, it is estimated that in case of HIV pharmaceutical industry, it is one of the most important and innovative breakthroughs as the demand of the HIV patients for efficient therapy has been on incline in the past few years. It has been well known that HIV strains are prone to mutation, therefore making every possible treatment available completely waste.


Researchers involved in this respective clinical research study are trying to neutralize the antibodies to prevent the spread of HIV in the patient. According to the researchers working on the study, it is estimated that the developed antibodies have much potential and efficiency in treating the HIV strain than the antibodies that have been discovered before. The researchers with the help of novel antibodies have covered 99% of the HIV strain even at a very low concentration of the antibody. All the 24 monkeys that were injected with the antibody did not show any infection later on. The impressive degree of protection laid down by the antibody is estimated to revolutionize the entire HIV pharmaceutical industry. Human clinical trials with respect to the study of the antibody has been already initiated by the researchers and it is believed that the super-engineered antibodies will develop more applications in the coming time period.

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