SMART Microcarriers to Enhance the Treatment Rate in the Global Therapeutics Sector

Release Date: 17-Nov-2020

A group of researchers from Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology have identified and developed a novel microcarrier that is capable of production and expansion of cells when compared with other older types of therapies. The microcarriers developed by the researchers are used in bioreactor-based cell manufacturing of anchorage-dependent cells. As per the researchers inclined towards the research, their newly developed microcarrier has proven to be quite successful in the expansion and production of mesenchymal stromal cells.


The development of the microcarriers by the researchers has also reduced the complexity in manufacturing of the cells, which is of high therapeutic value in medical world. The microcarriers developed by the researchers is made up of gelatin which is estimated to get fully dissolved in the enzymatic treatment. The respective study showed much higher yield in the cell production as well as reduced cell loss during the cell harvesting step when compared with the other commercially available microcarriers.


The study conducted by the researchers has achieved more than 90% of the cell harvest rate when used gelatin microcarriers, which is approximately 50% more than the other commercially available carriers. The use of gelatin microcarriers in the cell production and expansion also led to higher degree of trilineage multipotency with more balanced differentiation performance. Innovation in the field of microcarriers has also led to the scalability of mesenchymal stromal cells for cell-based therapy, including for regenerative medicine applications. It is estimated that such type of innovation happening in the respective field will lead to more efficient as well as valuable therapeutic outcomes in patients who are in utmost need of the microcarriers.

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