Sintilimab and Bevacizumab Injection to Deliver Promising Results in the Treatment of Advanced Heptacellular Cancer

Release Date: 24-Nov-2020

The combination of the drugs TYVYTandreg; (sintilimab injection) and BYVASDAandreg; (bevacizumab biosimilar injection, or IBI305) developed by Innovent Biologics is estimated to deliver promising results in the patients suffering from hepatocellular carcinoma. There was improved progression free survival and overall survival reported in the patients who received the combination drugs.


Hepatocellular carcinoma is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancer across the globe, therefore, finding an effective treatment is very important. In the current time, sorafenib, lenvatinib and chemotherapy are some of the treatments available for the cancer patients but all are related with low efficacy rate. Therefore, clinical trials that focuses improved version for the cancer is necessary. The clinical outcome of the respective study that involves two drugs for the treatment of cancer besides having Covid-19 pandemic is estimated to deliver novel hopes for the lives of the cancer patients.


Of the two drugs that are getting evaluated for the treatment of HCC, TYVYTandreg; is the anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody that is included in the New Catalogue of the National Reimbursement Drug List in China. The drug was officially approved for the treatment of the patients suffering from relapsed or refractory classic Hodgkin's lymphoma after two lines or later of systemic chemotherapy in the year 2018. The other drug BYVASDAandreg; (bevacizumab biosimilar injection) is approved by NMPA for the treatment of the patients suffering from advanced non-small cell lung cancer and metastatic colorectal cancer in China. The combination of the drug for the treatment of HCC is estimated to deliver more effective cancer treatment regimen for millions of patients.


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