Sertraline Showing Promising Anti-Tumor Activity in Cancer Patients

Release Date: 05-Nov-2020

As per research findings it is very clear that the growth of the cancer cells is largely dependent on the biological mechanisms. It has been found in case of different types of cancer cells that they produce ample amount of two amino acids called as serine and glycine. This however leads to the stimulation of the cancer cells in the patient. Therefore, this respective mechanism has become one of the most important targets for controlling the spread of cancer cells in the body.


In order to over-come such challenge, researchers associated with study used the database of existing medicines that have the capability to influence the production of these two important amino acids. In the respective first phase of the study, the researchers tested nearly 1600 substances on the yeast cells because it is found that they also are dependent on similar mechanism for growth.


It was found through the clinical research phase that the anti-depressant called as sertraline was most potent in showing anti-cancer activity. Sertraline was found to be an effective inhibitor of the two amino acids that was important for the growth of the cancer cells, thus was helpful in treating the cancer. The same compound was also checked in combination with other drugs which also delivered beneficial results with respect to anti-cancer activity in case of breast cancer.


It is believed that the researchers involved in this will be using the similar methodology against other types of cancer too such as brain cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer. Sertraline therapy treatment is estimated to be one of the most innovative approach ever tested against cancer growth. It is estimated that the further evaluation of the substance in treating cancer will lead to complete transformation of the global cancer therapeutics market.

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