Selpercatinib to Show Durable Response in Lung Cancer and Thyroid Cancer Treatment

Release Date: 22-Nov-2020

In the patients suffering from non-small cell lung cancer which were marked by RET gene fusions, the drug selpercatinib is observed to be well-tolerated as well as is successful in developing durable objective response and tumor shrinkage.  The patients who hadn’t received any treatment were observed to show 85% objective response rate and the patients who had undergone platinum-based chemotherapy has 64% objective response rate.


The clinical research study called as LIBERTTO-001 led the approval of the drug selpercatinib by the FDA for the treatment of the patients suffering from RET-altered lung and thyroid cancers. As per the researchers who have been conducting clinical research study for cancer treatment, genome-based precision oncology is believed to change the overall landscape of multiple kinase driven tumors for the treatment of the patients suffering from lung cancer. In the therapeutics industry, 2 targeted drugs called as cabozantinib and vandetanib have shown ancillary activity against RET alterations.


The clinical trials study for the same has revealed that among the patients who were treated previously, 2% achieved complete response, 62% achieved partial response and 29% had stable disease. In non-treated patients 85% achieved partial response, 10% had stable disease. Some of the adverse side effects that were observed in the patients who were given the targeted drugs were hypertension, aspartate aminotransferase, lymphopenia and hyponatremia. In addition to this, the drug selpercatinib also showed activity in the patients who had RET-altered thyroid cancers. The patients who were previously treated papillary/anaplastic thyroid cancer showed objective response rate of 79%. It was concluded by the researchers that their mode of treatment was better than the treatment regimen followed by multi-kinase inhibitors and chemotherapy.

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