Researchers to Classify Neoantigens as Novel Therapeutic Regimen for Cancer Patients

Release Date: 25-Nov-2020

Neoantigens are classified as important biomarkers for marking the cancer cells from rest of the healthy cells. It is estimated that targeting of correct neoantigens could deliver minimum side effects in the patients but the targeting of efficient neoantigens for the cancer treatment is very important. Therefore, a group of researchers from Parker Institute of Cancer Immunotherapy and Cancer Research Institute have developed some of the parameters that could be used to predict the neoantigens that could easily generate cancer killing. With the help of computational analysis that are available in the current pharmaceutical industry, the researchers have discovered five different characteristics that could strongly provide information about the cancer markers that could generate efficient immune response.


The categories into which they are classified are as follows: the neoantigen presentation on the surface of the cancer cells as well as how the neoantigen is getting recognized by the immune system of the body. The primary aim of the researchers is to develop the approach as a reference standard for the development of novel neoantigen based treatment. The researchers for the conductance of the clinical research study aimed at finding neoantigens in case of non-small cell lung cancer and melanoma. The data model developed by the researchers is estimated to deliver promising results in completely revolutionizing the cancer vaccine market for the patients.

All the findings that have been done with respect to the neoantigens is estimated to provide large opportunities to the cancer patients. But the whole clinical research study requires more study so that the whole research work could be taken forward. The whole research outcome is estimated  to also improve the sales data of the novel drug makers.

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