Researchers Pushing the Therapeutics Industry by Introducing Microrobots to the Sector

Release Date: 12-Nov-2020

With time and advancement in the therapeutics industry, it is becoming clearer that tiny as well as primitive robots can soon invade the people’s bodies. A group of researchers have showed that tiny bots can be injected with syringes. Another group of researchers have also been successful in deploying drug delivery robots to the colon of the mouse. The tiny robots developed the researchers is devoid of any batteries, instead of any batteries, robots are using magnetic fields in order to control the diminutive drug-delivery systems wireless. The application of robots to the external magnetic field leads to the rotation of the robots. It is also found that magnetic field was capable of safely penetrating into several types of medium, which is however considered important for using robots in the body of the humans. 


As per the researchers who are involved in introducing robots in the pharmaceutical industry, the emergence of robots will make the overall targeting of the cells or organs in case of any complex disease will become easy as the robots can reach to any desired location in the body. It is a very prominent diagnostic tool as well as can be considered important for the global drug delivery market. Technological advancement in the industry is also another important factor that is considered to be important for the overall improvement of the robots in case of drug delivery or diagnostic tool applications.

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