Researchers Inclined towards Optimizing Novel BRAF Inhibitors against Advanced Cancers

Release Date: 21-Nov-2020

A novel drug developed by the researchers is estimated to show high anti-cancer activity in the patients that have altered BRAF gene. In the respective clinical trial that was focused towards the development of novel drug included 75 patients. The enrolled patients in the clinical research study were treated with next generation BRAF inhibitor PLX8394. Most of the patients that were enrolled in the study were suffering from advanced type of cancer and had already received treatment before. As per the researchers involved in the respective study, the introduction of the drug cobicistat resulted in the doubling of the level of BRAF inhibitor PLX8394 in the blood.


The researchers found that 22% of the total patients enrolled in the clinical research study observed partial response. 22% of the patients that were observed to have partial response were suffering from glioma, ovarian cancer, thyroid cancer, melanoma and bowel cancer. There are number of BRAF inhibitor drugs available for the commercial use but the available drugs in the market are not observed to have any beneficial impact on the patients suffering from cancer. Therefore, it is important to conduct further research for the BRAF inhibitor against cancer cells and identify more potent drugs for millions of cancer patients who are eagerly waiting for the potential BRAF inhibitors.

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