US Breast Cancer Lumpectomy Market, Treatment Cost and Opportunity Analysis 2024

  • No. of Pages: 100
  • Publish Date: March-2018
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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“US Breast Cancer Lumpectomy Market, Treatment Cost and Opportunity Analysis 2024” Report Highlights:


  • Lumpectomy Procedure and Cost Involved

  • Lumpectomy and Mastectomy Reimbursement Analysis

  • Lumpectomy Market Analysis by Technology

  • Presence of Venture Capitalist influencing the Market

  • Porter’s Five Force Analysis

  • Lumpectomy Market  Opportunity Projections: More Than US$  10 Billion


Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer globally with 99% of the breast cancer patients being women. Recent data indicates that about 266,120 new cases of invasive and 63390 cases of noninvasive breast cancer will occur by the end of 2018 in the US alone, making it a primary health concern for women in US where one in 8 women is bound to be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime.


Inspite of alarming rates of breast cancer incidence, a decrease in breast cancer mortality has been observed in the last few years. Technological advancement in the healthcare industry and improvements in traditional surgical techniques have contributed immensely in the successful treatment of early stage breast cancer, saving the lives of millions of breast cancer affected women globally.  


Removal of cancer effected breast, known as mastectomy is still the most preferred and effective method in treating early stage breast cancer (Stage 0, I, II and III). However, recent trends show that a majority of breast cancer affected patients are opting for less extreme approach in breast cancer treatment. Women in US currently show a high preference for breast conserving surgery that has led surgeons and oncologists to develop a novel and innovative alternative to mastectomy, widely popular as lumpectomy.


Lumpectomy is the removal of cancer affected lump or tumor from the breast while causing minimal tissue loss. This procedure aims at conserving the original shape and size of the breast while also ensuring the complete eradication of cancer cells. Additionally, a patient undergoing lumpectomy has been observed to have better outcome in post-surgical procedures such as breast reconstruction with better cost affectivity compared to mastectomy.


Lumpectomy was previously believed to be less effective than mastectomy. However, recent clinical studies have proved that lumpectomy followed by five to seven weeks of radiation therapy has better efficacy than mastectomy; which has led to a strong foundation of the lumpectomy market in the US with multiple factors fuelling its growth.  


Key factors driving the growth of US lumpectomy market are the growing incidence of breast cancer and the rise in better breast cancer imaging methods such as the introduction of 3D tomography which have been immensely helpful in accurate and early detection of breast cancer lumps in dense breasts which remained undetected by traditional breast imaging techniques. 


Lumpectomy specific devices such as marginprobe by dune medical devices for identification of the tumor and normal tissue margin, ‘Savi scout’ for breast localization and surgical guidance (which is bound to replace traditional wire localization technique) and ‘Intrabeam’ by Carl Zeiss Meditech for targeted radiation delivery are few of the important tools that are bound to improve the outcome of lumpectomy surgery significantly. Further, innovative and promising implants like biozorb LP are also being developed for better outcome for post lumpectomy procedure like breast reconstruction.


Apart from the increased detection of early stage breast cancer, initiatives by government, better reimbursement and insurance and rise in venture capitalist are also some key factors fuelling the lumpectomy market growth. Owing to its superiority over mastectomy, lumpectomy might emerge as the dominant form of breast cancer surgery in the future with market opportunity of more than US$ 10 Billion by 2024. 


KuicK Research report on the US lumpectomy market provides a detailed insight into the current market size, trends, opportunities and market dynamics. The report is an outcome of extensive research done on multiple factors governing the US lumpectomy market ranging from cost analysis of lumpectomy procedure, technology and tools involved to key industrial developments that are bound to impact the lumpectomy market. Finally, KuicK Research analysis of forecast and projections regarding the future of lumpectomy market indicate an exciting opportunity waiting in this highly profitable segment of breast cancer surgery.

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