Global Virus Like Particles Market and Clinical Trial Insight 2023

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  • Publish Date: September-2017
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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Vaccination is considered the most cost effective way to control the pathogens and prevent the diseases both in humans and veterinary field. The vaccines based on virus like particles represent one of the most appealing and cost effective approaches due to the intrinsic immunogenic properties as well as high safety profile. The virus like particles also offers several other advantages against the emerging viruses and these are virus like particles are not live viruses and thus manufacturing process offers a safer environment for the operators.


The modern approach for the development of vaccines is focused on the identification of the molecular entities from different organisms as candidates which can mimic the role of viruses. This approach is certainly safer and produces lesser or no side effects after the vaccination process. Virus-like particles are one of such candidates which have shown most promising results and are currently involved in treating a wide range of diseases.


Virus-like particles are composed of the characteristic building proteins of a virus which mimic the properties of the infectious viruses but lack the viral genome. Therefore, Virus like particles became an extremely impressive and promising vaccine candidates due to the presence of virus like but yet non-infective properties in them. Thus, the viruses like particle based vaccines are potentially safer candidates for developing vaccines. Furthermore, Virus like particles are able to induce both innate and adaptive immune responses in humans. Most of the virus like particle based vaccines are derived from the bacteria E.coli as the bacteria E. coli has many advantages, such as inexpensive culturing, high expression levels and easy large scale production. All these advantages of the bacteria will consequentially serve to the development of more cost effective vaccines.


“Global Virus Like Particles Market and Clinical Trial Insight 2023” report highlights:

  • Advances in Virus like Particles as a Vaccination

  • Production Process of Virus like Particle based Vaccines

  • Market Analysis of Virus like Particles Vaccines

  • Global Virus Like Particle Vaccines Clinical Pipeline Insight: 60 Vaccines

  • Marketed Virus Like Particle Vaccines Clinical Insight: 5 Vaccines

  • Future Perspective of Virus like Particles Vaccines


The virus like particle based vaccines is commercially available in market against the hepatitis B virus and human papillomavirus. The viruses like particle based vaccines against several other viruses are in clinical development. The under trial vaccine candidates itself represents the target antigen and those in which the virus like particle is used to present the foreign antigens to immune system. The progresses have been made in developing virus like particle vaccines against hepatitis C virus, Ebola, Lassa virus, Hantavirus and chikungunya virus. Currently there are 60 virus like particle vaccines in clinical trials and 5 virus like particle vaccines are commercially available in the market.


The major pharmaceutical companies have recognized the promising future of the virus like particle vaccines and are widely supporting the manufacturing and production of such vaccines. Major market players include some of the large scale pharmaceutical companies like GlaxoSmithKline's and Merck. The development of the cost effective vaccines are hugely supported by the governmental authorities as well as the academia and pharmaceutical companies.


The future of the virus like particle based vaccines is bright owing to the presence of multiple favorable factors and lesser challenges. The low cost and high efficiency combination will contribute as a robust of the virus like particle vaccines market. Such kind of vaccines will be easily accessible to the consumers due to the expanding market size. The future is even more optimistic in the developing countries where low price will be a favorable parameter for increased customers and demands. Overall the future of the virus like particle based vaccine is very bright and may result in replacing the whole human vaccine market by collecting high revenues for the pharmaceutical industry.

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