Global Transdermal Patch Market and Clinical Pipeline Outlook 2022

  • No. of Pages: 260
  • Publish Date: March-2017
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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“Global Transdermal Patch Market and Clinical Pipeline Outlook 2022” report discusses the ongoing clinical and non-clinical parameters with respect to development of global transdermal patch market.  Report highlights the need for integration of transdermal patches in existing drug delivery methodology available to pharmaceutical companies. Currently there 40 transdermal patches available in the market and more than 70 patches are in clinical pipeline. 
Transdermal patches have made their place in global market in past few decades as an alternative to conventional therapeutic for various disease indications. Systemic drug delivery could be achieved by oral and prenatal methods but they have several limitations due to which many patients often find them inconvenient. Pharmaceutical companies have identified these problems as an opportunity to develop transdermal patches for generating significant revenues. This problem was identified early and advancements in biotechnology helped in the introduction of transdermal patches in global market. Nowadays, they are available for different disease indications and generally found suitable for large number of people having different disease indications. As a result, numbers of users are escalating at tremendous rates which are steadily increasing the global size.
Transdermal patches are widely accepted among physicians and patients due to their non-invasive, pain free and easy administration. In recent years, the growth of transdermal patch market has increased and expected to increase significantly in coming years. Higher investments in research and development could be attributed to the success of transdermal patch market. Number of disease indication treated by them is increasing steadily leading to higher market penetration. Every year various transdermal patches are introduced in globally leading to increased market size.
Transdermal patches presently donning the market are formulated in accordance with requirement of the medicinal therapy. They can be worn for as low as 8 hours to as long as 7 days depending on the therapeutic indication. These patches are secured with adhesives, which are designed to adhere comfortably to the skin which in turn allows a patient to use the patches for as long as is indicated by his or her physician. Transdermal drug delivery provides excellent control of the rate of delivery directly into the bloodstream. It also offers a predictable pharmacokinetic profile and constant drug levels over extended periods of time without the extreme peak/trough fluctuations inherent in oral administration with the inherent power of discontinuation of therapy immediately by simply removing the patch.
Strong clinical pipeline could be observed in case of transdermal patches which reflect the interest of pharmaceutical companies in this segment. Before marketing approval they have to undergo strict testing and checking for various qualitative parameters. They must be stable, chemically unreactive, hypo allergic, nontoxic and easy to manufacture. High throughput methods are expected to increase the suitable polymer screening rates along with reduced time consumption. Bioequivalence of therapeutic in transdermal patch with same drug administrated via different route have known efficacy must be shown. Similarly, independent of patch type they must show bioequivalence in clinical trials before getting marketing approval from medical regulatory authorities. Various products are at different stages of clinical trials which will be introduced in global market in coming years.
“Global Transdermal Patch Market and Clinical Pipeline Outlook 2022” report highlights:
  • Introduction and Classification of Transdermal Patch
  • Mechanism of Transdermal Patch Drug Delivery
  • Transdermal Patch v/s Traditional Drug Delivery Methods
  • Global Transdermal Patch Clinical Pipeline Overview
  • Marketed Transdermal Patch Clinical Insight by Company, Indication and Phase
  • Global Transdermal Patch Market Future Prospects

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