Global Nanomedicine Market and Pipeline Insight 2015

  • No. of Pages: 330
  • Publish Date: March-2015
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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Nanomedicines or nanotherapeutics is an emerging field in which nanotechnology principles are used to design and develop better therapeutics having high safety and efficacy profiles. It is a multidisciplinary approach utilizing knowledge from allied fields like biotechnology and pharmacology in drug development program. Novel modalities for cancer treatment, targeted drug delivery, biosensors, imaging, delivery vehicles and diagnostic methods are being actively investigated by pharmaceutical companies. They have been widely accepted among physicians and patients due to which novel products are expected to generate significant revenues. Several other benefits have yet to be discovered which will further help in the extension of this field. With time, more technological advancements are expected to be made resulting in development better of nanomedicines for several disease indications.

Pharmaceutical companies are developing better drug delivery vehicles with the help of nanotechnology.  Unspecificity causes undue wastage of drug, potency reduction and undue side effects during therapy. This problem become serious when patient is suffering from life threatening disease like cancer and use of chemotherapy is a part of therapeutic regime. Easy modification, customizability and cost of product are expected to be the main reasons determining the commercial success besides their pharmacological benefits. Huge investments in research and development are expected to help in identifying useful nanoparticles based drug delivery vehicles. Several methods have been identified by pharmaceutical companies in past few years and many more are being under development.

Use of nanomedicines for cancer is one of the largest and most developed segments containing several products in both market and clinical pipeline. Nanotechnology based liposome products could be observed as one of the most advance segment among oncology medicines. For instance, Doxil by Ortho pharmaceuticals was among first approved cancer nanomedicines by US FDA in 1995 for treating AIDS-related Kaposi’s sarcoma.  DaunoXome by Galen Ltd is also a liposomal formulation used for the treatment of HIV relates Kaposi sarcoma and clinical trials for utilization of this medicine for leukemia is also under investigation. More products are at different stages of clinical trials which will be introduced in global market in coming years.

Numerous nanotechnology based medicines, devices, sensors and chips are at various phases of clinical development. Only limited products are in market for few indications which is mainly responsible for small market size as compared to mainstream medicines.  Their clinical pipeline is becoming strong every year and new initiatives are being taken by pharmaceutical companies but as such number of market introductions is less. Without immediate commercialization of such products their market size will be limited which will cause stagnancy. In order to overcome these barriers, pace of research and development along with market introduction has to be increased in coming time. It would help in generating significant revenues but it will take few years for nanomedicines to get recognition as mainstream medicines. But, the pace at which they are growing shows optimistic future of nanomedicines and associated medical technologies.


“Global Nanomedicine Market and Pipeline Insight 2015” Report Highlights: 

  • Global Nanomedicine Market Outlook
  • Global Nanomedicine Market Dynamics
  • Global Nanomedicine Clinical Pipeline by Company, Indication and Phase
  • Global Nanomedicine Clinical Pipeline: 144 Nanomedicines
  • Marketed Nanomedicines: 13 Nanomedicines
  • Nanomedicine Patent Analysis
  • Global Nanomedicine Market Future Prospects

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