Global Metastatic Cancer Drug Market, Dosage, Price and Clinical Pipeline Outlook 2024

  • No. of Pages: 330
  • Publish Date: March-2018
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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“Global Metastatic Cancer Drug Market, Dosage, Price and Clinical Pipeline Outlook 2024” Report Highlights:


  • Drug Patent, Availability, Price and Dosage Analysis

  • Market Analysis of Metastatic Cancer

  • Management Approaches for Metastatic Cancer by Type

  • Global Cancer Metastases Clinical Pipeline Overview: 66 Drugs

  • Marketed Cancer Metastases Drugs Clinical Insight: 14 Drugs

  • Future Perspective of Metastatic Cancer Market


Cancer is a complex disease which results in uncontrolled cell growth in any region or organ of the body. Cancer is segmented into different stages depending upon the spread of tumor cells within the body. Primary stages of cancer involve the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells within a confined region or organ of a body. In further stages, cancer either returns to other organs after being treated in one organ or cancer cells metastasizes or moves from one organ to other. Such conditions are termed as metastatic cancers. For instance, re-occurrence of Breast cancer or metastasis of Breast Cancer to lungs is not called Lung cancer but is known and treated as stage-IV breast cancer.


In 2017, 600920 deaths occurred due to metastatic cancers in US alone. In developing countries, the death rates due to metastatic cancers are even higher due to lack of early stage diagnosis of cancer. Earlier, lesser therapies were available for increasing the period of progression free survival of patients with metastatic cancers and the metastatic cancer market was not clearly differentiated from overall cancer therapy market.


However, a clear segment of Metastatic Cancer Therapy Market has emerged in last few years with the arrival of products like Provenge which is vaccine specifically indicated for metastatic Prostate cancer. Additionally, several commercially available immunotherapeutics were also included in this segment of the market such as Avastin, Herceptin, and Denosumab along with targeted drugs like Afatinib, Gefitinib, and Erlotinib etc. for metastatic breast and lung cancer respectively. Metastatic cancer therapy market is further segmented into each type of metastatic cancer such as lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, brain tumor and several others which are the most common types of cancers globally indicating a large target patient base of this segment of the market.


High medical needs of patients with metastatic cancers have fuelled global metastatic cancer therapy market at an impressive average 8 CAGR calculated on the basis of the market growth for each indication. Currently the global metastatic cancer therapy market is well flourished with more than 10 unique products including advance cancer therapies like targeted therapy, cancer vaccines, immunotherapies and some modern versions of chemotherapies like Jevtana. Additionally, more than 60 products are currently in the later phases of clinical pipeline with almost 60% in phase-III and 37% in phase-I and II of the clinical trial.


The global metastatic cancer therapy market is growing significantly with increasing sales of some major drugs like an Eli Lilly product Alimta with average sales of US$ 2.5 Billion per year; Prolia by Amgen having US$ 1.9 Billion sales in just 9 months of 2017; Products of Roche Avastin and Herceptin are the top selling drugs of this segment having sales of US$ 5.2 Billion and US$ 5.4 Billion respectively in the year 2017.


Involvement of several large scale pharmaceutical countries clearly suggests that global metastatic cancer therapy market is a highly recognized segment of the cancer therapy market which has attracted the private and public sectors for huge investments and funding resulting in high market size of the segment. Additionally, successive collaborations between large scale and small scale biotech firms, academia and pharmaceutical companies have resulted into entrance of a wide range of unique products in metastatic cancer therapy market.


The global metastatic cancer therapy market can be segmented by regions into dominant areas like North America, Japan and South Korea with wide availability of a range of unique products in the market. On the other hand, highly populated regions like China and India have an opportunistic market for metastatic cancer therapies as the early stage cancer diagnostic market has recently emerged, thus there is a presence of large population living with later stages of cancer. Moreover, India is already developing vaccines and immunotherapies for metastatic cancer to decrease the mortality rates in the country which will further boost the market by products.


KuicK Research has analyzed the current and future global metastatic cancer therapy market by studying data related to sales of the products present in this market, prevalence and availability based target-patients in different regions of the world to provide an accurate forecast of the market. The report also includes price, dosage and efficiency analysis of all the products which aids in suggesting the future consumer acceptance and major contributors of the market.

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