Global CFTR Modulators Market Opportunity, Dosage, Price and Clinical Trials Insight 2026

  • No. of Pages: 200
  • Publish Date: April-2021
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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“Global CFTR Modulators Market Opportunity, Dosage, Price and Clinical Trials Insight 2026” Report Highlights:


  • Global CFTR Modulators Market Opportunity:  > US$ 20 Billion
  • Global CFTR Modulators Market Growth:  42% CAGR (2017 -2020)
  • Global CFTR Modulators Market Growth In 2020:  55%
  • Global CFTR Modulators Pipeline:  30 Drug
  • Commercially Available CFTR Modulators: 4 Drugs
  • Trikafta Market Share 2020: > 50%


“Global CFTR Modulators Market Opportunity, Dosage, Price and Clinical Trials Insight 2026” provides comprehensive insight on clinical and non-clinical factors that are driving the global CFTR Modulators market and its impact on the global pharmaceutical market landscape. The report has been prepared in a view to deeply profile the current market trends along with the sales insight on 4 commercially available CFTR Modulators with their, market share and the clinical profile.


The advent of CFTR modulators in the management of cystic fibrosis has greatly transformed the overall market. Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) modulator therapies are targeted drugs which have been developed by the researchers to correct the malfunctioning protein made by the CFTR gene. Because different mutations cause different defects in the protein, the medications that have been developed so far are effective only in people with specific mutations.


Currently, four CFTR Modulators have been approved for the management of cystic fibrosis. Among them, Trikafta developed by Vertex Pharmaceuticals is  the first triple combination therapy available to treat patients who have at least one F508del mutation in the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) gene, which is estimated to represent 90% of the cystic fibrosis population. This drug has shown high clinical response and have significantly enhanced the median survival rates in patients.


Trikafta was recently granted approval in late 2019 and within short span of time, the drug has dominated the overall CFTR modulator drug market. As of 2020, the novel drug Trikafta have sales of more than US$ 3 Billion which is expected to rise at high rates to reach about US$ 5 Billion by 2026. The high market size of the drug is mainly attributed to the increase in prevalence of the disease and the unmet need of combinational therapy in management of them. Moreover, the high adoption rate of this drug is due to its ability to enhance the median survival rates in patients.


The elexacaftor and tezacaftor contained in TRIKAFTA bind to the CFTR protein and facilitate the cellular processing of F508del-CFTR. The combination helps in increasing the amount of CFTR protein delivered to the cell surface, while ivacaftor aids in the gating of the CFTR protein at the cell surface. The combined effect of the three drugs boosts the amount and function of F508del-CFTR at the cell surface. The targeted nature of drug in the management of cystic fibrosis also aids in boosting the growth of CFTR modulator drugs market.


US is currently dominating the market and is expected to do so for next few years. This is mainly due to the rising Caucasian population in the region which has maximum risk of developing the disease. In addition to this, the high adoption rates of novel therapy as well as rising initiative by government to initiate research and development activities will also drive the future of the market. In addition to this, Europe and Asia are also competing to occupy a considerable position in the market by investing a huge amount in research and development. 


As per “Global CFTR Modulators Market Opportunity, Dosage, Price and Clinical Trials Insight 2026” report findings, it is expected that the drug Trikafta will dominate the market for next few years which is due to its triple combination which have better ability to tackle the complexity of cystic fibrosis disease. The overall CFTR modulator market will also witness high growth rates and rapid approval of several other modulators which are currently under clinical trials. It is expected that CFTR modulator drugs will emerge as a potential drugs in the management of cystic fibrosis in coming years.

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