Global Cell Therapy Market, Therapy Price, Dosage and Clinical Trials Insight 2027

  • No. of Pages: 1500
  • Publish Date: June-2020
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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"Global Cell Therapy Market, Therapy Price, Dosage and Clinical Trials Insight 2027" Report Highlights:


* Global Cell Therapy Market Opportunity:  More Than USD 40 Billion By 2027
* Cell Therapy Clinical Trial Insight by Indication, Company and Country
* Global Cell Therapy Clinical Pipeline: 1000 Cell Therapies
* Globally Marketed Cell Therapies: 25 Cell Therapies
* Cell Therapy Trials For COVID-19: 10 Cell Therapies
* Global COVID-19 Cell Therapy Clinical Trials By Phase and Company
* COVID-19 Impact Analysis on Global market and Clinical Trials
* Price and Product Insight By Region/Country

Over a period of time, cell therapy has emerged as next growth frontier for the pharmaceutical companies involved the research and development of innovative therapies for the treatment of simple to complex medical anomalies. The increasing focus on new technologies and methodologies are leading to path breaking innovations which are playing an important role in the practice of medicine and cell therapy. The cell therapy approach to treatment and prevention is more advanced and targeted as compare to traditional therapies as the former works at basic level on human science that is cells. Cell therapy treatment is more advanced and custom in nature and thus giving the required thrust to advancement of personalized therapy.


"Global Cell Therapy Market Opportunity To Surpass US$ 40 Billion by 2027 Driven By Robust Clinical Pipeline and Increasing Sales Of Therapies Like Yescarta  and Kymriah"


Cell therapy research and clinical advancement has accelerated strongly in the limited period of time. Once limited to bone marrow transplants, the cell therapy field is currently prepared to achieve critical advances in various distinctive clinical signs. The same scenario can be reflected in the fact that the number of clinical trials have increased more than 50% in last 2 years. At present (June'2020), more than 1000 cell therapies are in pipeline and 25 therapies are commercially available in the market. Most of the cell therapies are in preclinical stage and close to 450  therapies are in Phase I, Phase II and Phase III trials. Analysis of the pipeline shows that the majority of cell therapy products that are currently under development are targeted towards treatment of complex disease like cardiovascular disease, neural disease and cancer. 


The commercial acceptability and success of cell therapies can also be reflected from robust sales of therapies  like Yescarta (Gilead Sciences) and Kymriah (Novartis). During 2019, the sales of Yescarta surpassed US$ 450 Million as compared to US$ 264 Million in 2018, with annual growth of almost 72%. Similarly, Kymriah witnessed growth of 260% with total sales of more than US$ 270 Million in 2019 as compare to less than US$ 75 Million in 2018.  Further, the rapid approval and orphan status of few therapeutics coming out of the cell therapy pipeline ensures it to be a lucrative segment. Several collaborations in the past few years has created an optimistic scenario when it comes to the future of cell therapy segment. The cell therapy industry is rapidly growing industry with the several new products that having been accepted for clinical use over the past few years. There are many challenges that need to be resolved wisely before the cell therapies are widely accepted, including the optimization of their manufacture.


With increasing number of clinical trials, robust sales values and widening clinical indication base, it is clear reflection of the fact that the cell therapy market will witness remarkable growth trajectory in coming years. The global cell therapy market opportunity is estimated to surpass US$ 40 Billion by 2027 driven by increasing technical and manufacturing capabilities coupled with the advancements that will drive the acceptability of cell therapy procedures among the various stakeholders of the pharmaceutical industry. The current scenario of COVID-19 may slowdown the clinical trials conductibility or the market growth trajectory but the same COVID-19 pandemic is going to offer new growth avenues to the industry in form of ongoing clinical trials for the  treatment of COVID-19.

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