Global Cancer Janus Kinase Inhibitors Market Opportunity and Clinical Trial Insight 2023

  • No. of Pages: 190
  • Publish Date: October-2017
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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“Global Cancer Janus Kinase Inhibitors Market Opportunity and Clinical Trial Insight 2023” report gives comprehensive insight on clinical and non-clinical parameters related to development and commercialization of cancer janus kinase inhibitor market. As per report findings, janus kinase inhibitors have emerged as one of the new potential candidate and growth frontier for the various stake holders involved in the research and development of cancer drugs and therapies. At present there is only one janus kinase inhibitors based drug commercially available in the market and 27 drugs are in the various clinical development phases. Most of the drugs are in Preclinical phase (13 Drugs) followed by the Phase-II ( 4 Drugs) clinical trials.


“Global Cancer Janus Kinase Inhibitors Market Opportunity and Clinical Trial Insight 2023” Highlights:


  •  Mechanism of Action of JAK/STAT Inhibitors

  • Global Cancer JAK/STAT Inhibitor Market Outlook

  • Global Cancer JAK/STAT Inhibitor Therapy Price Analysis

  • Global Cancer JAK/STAT Inhibitor Market Dynamics

  • Global Cancer Janus Kinase Inhibitors Clinical Pipeline by Company and Phase

  • Marketed Cancer Janus Kinase Inhibitors Clinical Insight

  • Comparative Price Analysis of JAK/STAT Inhibitors and Conventional Cancer Therapies


The conventional modes of cancer management including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy were discarded as an aspirant for the future of cancer management long back ago. The arrival of modern cancer treatment modalities like immunotherapy and targeted therapy revolutionized the outlook of the future of cancer management. Amongst both of the modern therapies, targeted therapies have shown an impressive growth in a very short duration of time. The targeted therapies developed rapidly and gained much importance in the global market for cancer therapeutics due to their advantages over the conventional therapies. Targeted therapies are safer and more efficient approach for managing cancer. The only drawback for targeted therapies was that only a few targets were available for developing cancer therapeutics. The high efficacy of targeted therapeutics for cancer raised the demand for identifying new targets.


JAK/STAT inhibitor being the latest invention in the field of targeted therapies is considered as the best available therapy for cancer by many scientific researchers. JAK/STAT inhibitors target the process involved in the production of the damaged DNA which is playing the major role in developing cancerous cells. The available JAK/STAT inhibitors are highly focused on treating the rare hematological malignancies like myelofibrosis, polycythemia Vera and primary thrombocythemia. However, the continuous efforts of the research community has led to the identification of the role of JAK/STAT pathway in a wide range of tumors including solid tumors like lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, gastrointestinal cancers etc.


The global revenue collection from currently available JAK/STAT inhibitor drug; Ruxolitinib, has been very impressive since its approval. Although the drug is approved for treating rare hematological malignancies but incidence rate of these cancers has been found to be increasing in the past five years. Furthermore, the lack of effective treatment for such cancers and increased survival rates of the patients after getting a treatment with Ruxolitinib has aided the commercial success of Ruxolitinib.


More than 5 JAK/STAT inhibitors are expected to enter the cancer therapeutic market in the next decade. The development of JAK/STAT inhibitors has been so impressive and rapid in the past five years that a great economic success of this class of drugs is expected in the nearby future. Additionally, huge commercial success of the JAK inhibitor Ruxolitinib for myeloproliferative disorders has further accelerated the development of more JAK/STAT inhibitors. Advancements in research and technology will aid the development of JAK/STAT inhibitors. The development of more JAK/STAT inhibitors will not only provide benefits to the cancer therapeutic market but will also provide a better life to the patients suffering from cancers.


Past success of JAK/STAT inhibitors has provided an overview of its future market. The clinical success of JAK inhibitor, Ruxolitinib has gained adequate popularity among the patients and the physicians. Due to this reason, the demand of JAK/STAT inhibitors is highly increased. Furthermore, the popularity of Ruxolitinib will aid the market success of other JAK/STAT inhibitory drugs which are going to be licensed very soon.

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