Global Breast Cancer Vaccine Market and Clinical Pipeline Outlook 2022

  • No. of Pages: 190
  • Publish Date: December-2016
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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Global Breast Cancer Vaccine Market and Clinical Pipeline Outlook 2022” report analyzes ongoing clinical and non-clinical trends in the global breast cancer vaccine development market. Currently there is no single breast cancer vaccine commercially available in the market. This report analyzes the ongoing clinical trial of 36 breast cancer vaccines in clinical pipeline and gives comprehensive clinical insight on various parameters associated with the development of the vaccine. Most of the breast cancer vaccines in clinical trials are in preclinical phase followed by Phase-I trials. The advance stage of development of breast cancer vaccine in clinical trials across the globe is in Phase-III.
The conventional cancer treatment methods have proved their importance in last decade. They are widely accepted among patients and physicians (oncologists) because of familiarity and large amount of statistically significant data supporting their efficacy. Despite their benefits, they sometimes fall short in meeting the patient’s personal requirements. For instance, efficacy is a major requirement, but different patients display different response to the same medication, this is attributed to their unique genetic makeup. To meet the individual’s necessities, high efficacy and safety, concept of cancer vaccine was formulated.
The best part with cancer vaccines is that they are capable of inducing “memory effect” in the immune cells. As a result, even in the absence of cancer vaccine molecule in the body, immune cells maintain their ability to search and destroy cancer cells. These memory effects are engraved on lymphocytes which keep on producing antigen long after the introduction of the initiator molecule. Pharmaceuticals companies are investing heavily in RandD segment to discover more properties of cancer vaccines. The benefits offered by cancer vaccine have poised the market to increase several folds.
At present the breast cancer vaccines are in emerging stages and this market has yet to be tapped by pharmaceutical companies. They are diverging funds towards research and development segment for advances in innovative breast cancer vaccines which will generate large amount of revenues. In recent years significant progress has been made on technological and scientific levels but still no vaccine for the treatment of breast cancer has seen market introduction in any part of the globe.
The present therapeutics available in market for breast cancer shows modest results in majority of patients which offers unexplored marketing opportunities for better innovative products to enter in competition. It is expected that more oncologists will prescribe the innovative breast cancer vaccines to their patients due to greater therapeutic effects. The higher rates of prescription would lead to high degree of market penetration and increased market share. The revenues generated in this way will encourage the pharmaceutical companies to fund new projects for the development of better breast cancer vaccines.
The first commercially available breast cancer vaccine is expected to be available in the market in next 5-7 years.  Clinical trials would be able to come with thoroughly checked version of products under investigation which would be able to provide higher levels of medical care to breast cancer patients. Most of the innovative products are at the advance stages of clinical trials which are supposed to clear the targeted end points.  Market introduction of these new products are supposed to generate significant revenues for the pharmaceutical companies in coming years.

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