GCC Pharmaceutical Market Opportunity Insight 2025

  • No. of Pages: 350
  • Publish Date: January-2020
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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"GCC Pharmaceutical Market Opportunity Insight 2025" Report Highlights:


  • GCC Pharmaceutical Market Opportunity: > US$ 20 Billion

  • Patented and OTC Pharmaceutical Market Size: 75% of Total Market

  • Share of Imported Drugs In GCC Pharmaceutical Market: > 80%

  • Saudi Arabia Dominates GCC Pharmaceutical Market: 50% Market Share

  • GCC Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials Insight:  > 700 Drugs


The research report "GCC Pharmaceutical Market Opportunity Insight 2025" provides an in-depth analysis about the current market dynamics that includes drivers, trends and opportunities which are subjected to have an influence on the market of the pharmaceutical products in the GCC region. Various important factors that are supported by the governments of the GCC countries for various agents commercialized in the region are also provided in a segmented way in the research report. The impact of the regulatory scenario that is prevailing upon the major key players of the region is also discussed in the report.


The research conducted on the respective subject highlights the distribution of the market based on the profiles of the companies and their respective efforts in increasing the production and value of the product exponentially. The anticipation of the pharmaceutical market in the GCC region is believed to be the result of the factors that are hindering the people of GCC region such as rapid change in the dynamics of the population, geriatric population and most importantly increasing prevalence of lifestyle associated diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases.


"GCC Market Offers Unexplored and Exponential Growth Opportunities For Global Pharmaceutical Companies As Imports Accounts For More Than 80% Regional Pharmaceutical Products Sales."


With the increasing disorders associated with lifestyle of the gulf population, the government policies along with regulatory framework became more poised towards the promoting the growth of the pharmaceutical market in the region. Factors like these are most prominent in developing a huge difference and marking an exponential growth rate in the market size of GCC pharmaceutical market in the coming years. Over the years, the branded drugs market has been dominating the market of GCC pharmaceuticals and most pre-dominantly among all the countries included in GCC, Saudi Arabia compiled of maximum share of the market. 


Saudi Arabia, among the other gulf countries is a region with major dominant traits. Economic viability, changing legislative and framework are the main driving forces for the establishment of such high-valued pharmaceutical market in the gulf. Slowly and steadily, new frontiers of the pharmaceutical market are making their way to the gulf and imposing their need for the development of generic drug over the market of branded drugs. The alternative form of the drugs available in the market will end up in the up-regulation of the overall market trends by many folds.


“The Growing Demand Of The Generic And Branded Pharmaceuticals That Is Driven By The Various Government Policies And Cost Effective Facilities, Is Considered As A Significant Opportunity For The Drug Manufacturers In The GCC.”


The sales record achieved from the gulf countries establishes Saudi Arabia as an emerging ground for the pharmaceutical market, with UAE and others as a prominent region for expanding the market. The Imported drug market established in the region constitutes a major portion of the GCC pharmaceutical market. More than 80% of the drug utilized in the gulf countries is imported from the major players established in the Western countries. The percent mentioned indicates a huge demand of the drugs either imported or manufactured in the local region. Both aspects of the pharmaceutical market suggest a high demand of the pharmaceutical drugs in the market and eventually a prevailing commercial success.

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