Gamma Delta T Cell Cancer Therapy Market and Clinical Trials Forecast 2028

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  • Publish Date: April-2022
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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“Gamma Delta T Cell Cancer Therapy Market and Clinical Trials Forecast 2028” Report Highlights:


  • Commercialization Market Potential After Market Launch: > USD 4 Billion
  • Insight on Key Drugs In Research and Development
  • Global Gamma Delta T Cell Cancer Therapy Clinical Trials Insight
  • Gamma Delta T Cell Cancer Therapy In clinical Trials: > 15 Therapies
  • Gamma Delta T Cell Cancer Therapy Market Opportunity By Cancer Type
  • Adopted Approaches for Gamma Delta T Cell Therapy


The introduction of T cell based immunotherapy has greatly revolutionized the paradigm of cancer treatment. The progress in clinical research and innovation has led to the identification of small subsets of T cells classified as gamma delta T cells. Gamma delta T cells are the minor subsets of T cells which constitutes only about 1% to 5% of T cell population. Their unique biology and conferred advantages over conventional T cells has enabled the researchers to utilize these novel cells as promising candidate for adoptive immunotherapy. Since its identification, scientists have harnessed the potential of gamma delta T cells in the management of several cancers.  


The gamma delta T cell therapy represents one of the most promising T cell therapies in clinical development which can be suggested by the rapid research and development activities among the pharmaceutical companies. The major companies in the market are presenting promising preclinical and clinical data of gamma delta T cell therapies. For instance in 2022, In8bio provided an update on ongoing phase-I clinical trial of INB-200. The novel gamma delta T cell product has shown manageable safety profile and promising progression free survival and overall survival rate. The encouraging data from clinical trial suggests the promising future of gamma delta T cell therapy in the management of cancer.


Apart from cancer, researchers are also expanding the role of gamma delta T cell therapy in the management of other diseases such as HIV, COVID-19, and other viral infections. Recently, Enochian Biosciences announced that US FDA has accepted a pre-investigational new drug request for a cell therapy treatment which combines autologous natural killer and gamma delta T-cells. Furthermore, several preclinical studies also indicate an innate involvement of gamma delta T cells in viral infections. The coming years will witness translation of these investigations in clinical trials, which will further propel the growth of market.


The rising investment form the pharmaceutical giants have led to the development of strong clinical pipeline of gamma delta T cell therapy products. The key players operating in the market are Acopedia, Takeda Pharma, Lava Therapeutics, TC Biopharma, Cytomed Therapeutics, Gamma delta Therapeutics and Adapate Therapeutics. The major drugs in the clinical pipeline include INB-200, LAVA-051, ADI-001, TCB-007, ACE-1813, KB-PD1, and several others. Apart from this, several pharmaceutical giants have also entered into collaboration, mergers, or other alliances to maintain their position in the market. In January 2022, Takeda Pharmaceutical announced the exercise of its option to acquire Adapate Therapeutics. Through this acquisition, Takeda will obtain Adapate antibody based gamma delta T-cell engager platform including pre-clinical candidate and discovery pipeline programs.


US is currently dominating the global initiatives in development of gamma delta T cell therapy driven by large number of ongoing clinical trials, presence of key players in the region, and increasing initiatives from various stake holders in the industry . Apart from this, US FDA is also granting orphan drug designation to gamma T cell therapies which provides several financial and non-financial incentives to boost the drug development process. For instance in 2021, US FDA has granted orphan drug designation to two gamma delta T cell therapies including GDX012 for acute myeloid leukemia and LAVA-051 for chronic lymphocytic leukemia.


As per our report findings, the global gamma delta T-cell therapy market is expected to surpass US$ 4 Million by 2028. The rise in cancer rates and the subsequent unavailability of effectively curing drugs will propel the growth of the market for coming years. In addition, new product launches, continuous investment by pharmaceutical companies, and increasing government initiatives will also contribute in growth of market. The report provides comprehensive analysis on the ongoing clinical trials in gamma delta T cell therapy. By analyzing the market dynamics, the future market opportunity of gamma delta T cell therapy in various cancers is also forecasted.

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