CD Antigen Cancer Therapy Market Outlook and Clinical Trials Insight 2023

  • No. of Pages: 1000
  • Publish Date: October-2017
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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“CD Antigen Cancer Therapy Market Outlook and Clinical Trials Insight 2023” report gives comprehensive insight into multiple clinical and non-clinical issues related to emergence and development of global CD Antigen cancer therapy market. CD Antigens have emerged as new growth frontier for the organizations involved in the research, development, licensing and commercialization of targeted cancer therapies.  CD antigens have been present in disguise since the efforts began to develop therapeutic monoclonal antibodies in 1970s. CD antigens are the basis on which monoclonal antibodies were discovered. Although the potential of antibodies was well understood but it required a series of discoveries to find out that specific antibodies are capable of targeting one unique molecular site of the cancer cells.   


“CD Antigen Cancer Therapy Market Outlook and Clinical Trials Insight 2023”  report highlights:


  • Market Opportunity Assessment: More than US$ 60 Billion by 2023

  • Clinical and Patent Insight on 17 Commercialize CD Antigen Drugs

  • Clinical and Licensing Insight on 184 CD Antigens in Clinical Pipeline

  • Dosage and Price Analysis on Key Drugs

  • Mechanism of CD Antigen Cancer Therapeutics

  • Cancer CD Antigens Clinical Pipeline Dominated by CD20 Antigen: 50 Drugs

  • Cancer CD Antigen Inhibitors Clinical Pipeline by Company, Indication and Phase


CD antigens have been used as targets in a wide variety of cancer therapeutics including monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug-conjugates, tri-functional and bi-specific T-cell engager antibodies, radio immunoconjugates and CAR T-cell therapies. The current scenario clearly indicates that CD Antigens have acquired a major share in the modern cancer therapy market. Approval and commercialization of such a wide variety of cancer therapeutics have shown that continuous efforts have been made to produce unique and improved anti-cancer products.


Global CD antigen based cancer therapy market has evolved since the approval of first CD antigen targeting monoclonal antibody. Current market is fledged with a variety of CD antigen targeting cancer therapies. The market has successfully produced unique CD antigen based cancer therapies. Clinical trials of these therapies have provided evidences that they are better than the existing conventional cancer therapies and provide better quality adjusted life years and prolonged survival to cancer patients.


Although current global CD antigen based cancer therapeutic market is dominated for treating hematological malignancies but strong clinical pipeline having over 100 CD antigen directing cancer drugs consists of various drugs which will be used for treating solid tumors like breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer etc. As the number of patients suffering from solid tumors is much higher than the patients suffering from hematological malignancies; an exponential growth can be experienced by Global CD Antigen Cancer Therapy Market after the approval of anti-CD antigenic cancer drugs for treating solid tumors.


Approval of CD antigen directed CAR-T cell therapy has further encouraged public and private sectors to increase investments in research studies related to genomics and technological advancements for feasible gene sequencing and selection of target gene expressing CD antigens. Earlier, cancer therapeutics was limited to using CD20 as a target for developing anti-cancer drugs. But with continuous efforts in research more CD antigens were found to play significant roles in cancer progression which were then used as cancer therapeutic targets including CD19, CD22, CD38, CD33 and CD3.


The future CD antigen based cancer therapy market is going to be highly competitive as the pharmaceutical companies have to ensure that they are producing unique and more advanced products.  Furthermore, CD antigens based cancer therapies has the potential to become popular amongst the patients and physicians as they provide better survival and have justified their high prices in case of some therapies by providing better clinical results than other conventional cancer therapies.

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