Global Breast Cancer Immunotherapy Market and Clinical Trials Forecast 2028

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  • Publish Date: June-2023
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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Global Breast Cancer Immunotherapy Market and Clinical Trials Forecast 2028 Report Highlights:


  • Global Breast Cancer Immunotherapy Market Opportunity > USD 60 Billion By 2028
  • Global Market and Regional Market Trends
  • Global Market Forecast Till 2028
  • Approved Drugs Yearly and Quarterly Sales Insight 2019 – 2023
  • Approved Drugs Global and Regional Sales Insight 2019 – 2023
  • Approved Drug Pricing and Dosage Analysis
  • Comprehensive Insight On 250 Drugs In Clinical Trials By Company, Country, Patent
  • Clinical Insight On More Than 20 Approved Biosimilars and Branded Drugs
  • Competitive Landscape


With scientific progress, pharmaceutical research and development activities have led to the generation of novel and innovative therapies, which are creating a new era for cancer treatment. Immunotherapy is one such approach that has been around for years but only recently, researchers have been actively working on determing its therapeutic potential. Continuous innovation in breast cancer treatment has enabled the breakthrough of several novel immunotherapeutic approaches.


While conventional methods like surgery and chemotherapy have become primary therapeutic options, their long lasting side effects and growing possibility of developing drug resistance and cancer recurrence have called for the development of more effective treatment options. The introduction of immunotherapy, particularly immune checkpoint inhibitors has transformed the treatment for breast cancer, with immunotherapy being effective even in aggressive forms of breast cancer such as triple negative breast cancer.


The growing demand for therapies having minimal adverse effects, improved drug development, increasing cancer incidence and growing adoption to cancer immunotherapy above other available treatment options are key factors which are propelling the growth of the market. Moreover, with approved immunotherapeutic drugs for breast cancer showing robust sales has been another factor which has resulted in growing number of investments in the market.


Keytruda, developed by Merck has been a “blockbuster” immune checkpoint inhibitor approved for breast cancer. Since, its approval, the immunotherapy drug has only witnessed an exponential growth in its annual sales. Moreover, Merck has also played strategically by introducing several combinations of this blockbuster immunotherapy drug with other treatments, creating a wider range of patient population choosing Keytruda over other methods.


It can be said that immune checkpoint inhibitors have been a vital factor that have resulted the growing market of breast cancer immunotherapy. Following Keytruda, several companies have launched their respective immune checkpoint blockers; however, none has had higher success than Keytruda. The improved understanding about immune evasion by cancer cells and the development of antibodies towards tumor associated antigens have led to the enhanced growth observed in immunotherapy for breast cancer.


Additionally, moving beyond immune checkpoint inhibitors, the market of breast cancer immunotherapy is also witnessing a rise in novel treatment approaches. For instance, several pharmaceutical companies have been transforming different novel immunotherapy options for breast cancer treatment, like bispecific antibodies, oncolytic viruses, cancer vaccines, tumor infiltrating lymphocyte therapy and cell and gene therapies. While some of these methods have has huge impact of hematological malignancies, pharmaceutical companies are not investigating their potential therapeutic application for breast treatment.


For the last two decades, monoclonal antibody based therapies have brought in incredible changes in the field of breast cancer treatment, however, over time with the surge of bispecific antibodies, several clinical trials are evaluating their therapeutic potential in breast cancer. The possibility of engaging the immune system while simultaneously targeting tumor specific antigens is expected to generate a more robust immune response. For the future, it is easily predictable that bispecific antibodies will change the treatment landscape for breast cancer immunotherapy.


Another immunotherapeutic approach that is currently gardening significant attention for researchers all over the world is tumor infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) therapy. Studies have shown that TILs are one of the strongest biomarkers present specifically for triple negative breast cancer patients and could also possibly be factors resulting in positive prognosis of the disease. Hence, as we move towards immunotherapy for breast cancer, evaluation of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes could be a very affordable ad well as valuable approach that can be combined with already existing or newly emerging techniques.


Additionally, the involvement of academic institutions and research centers has also played a significant role in transforming the global market of breast cancer immunotherapy. Collaborating between pharmaceutical companies as well as academic instructions has been driving innovation in the field, creating a robust portfolio of immunotherapy candidates in the market. With increasing breast cancer incidence, there also grows a significant need to develop more effective therapeutic approaches and the onset of immunotherapy has offered a promising future.


Our report provides an in depth analysis about the commercially available breast cancer immunotherapy drugs. The report describes the current market of breast cancer immunotherapy with insights on the market growth while also highlighting impact on regional sales, pricing, dosage and patent expiration dates. Moreover, the report also includes new trends in the breast cancer immunotherapy market, information about company collaborations, partnerships.

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