Oncogene Inhibitors Market & Pipeline Insight 2015

  • No. of Pages: 500
  • Publish Date: April-2015
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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Oncogenomics is an emerging field that involves screening of genes that may be involved in cancer development. Human genome consists of 23 chromosomal pairs, approximately 20,000- 25,000 genes and 3,234.83 Mb genome size. Oncogene addiction is a phenomenon in which cancer could be checked by deactivating single oncogene. Proto-onco genes are main target of investigators because they may convert into oncogenes at any stage of life. Sequence level similarity and identification of genetic factors are expected to shed more light on their working. It will allow the investigators to develop drugs capable of preventing oncogene activation and activity in the body. Development of such therapeutics is a daunting task because human genome is quite big and consists of variety of genes whose function has yet to be determined by investigators. 

Oncogene Inhibitor market is a rapidly growing segment with numerous products at different stages of clinical pipeline and marketed products at different phases of industry life cycle. Pharmaceutical companies are trying to provide efficient medical care to patients and generate significant revenues by their sales. Large patient base and superior technology are some important factors responsible for continuous growth of this market segment across the globe. Several competitors are available for wide range of malignancies which further makes it imperative for them to provide both therapeutic and financial benefit to the patients. Due to which large numbers of pharmaceutical companies are expected to improve their products to achieve higher sales. 

Significant investments in research and development segment could also be attributed as the main reason behind its growth. As a result, several innovative products are under investigation which would be introduced in market after passing pre described clinical end points and criteria\'s set by regulatory authorities. Researchers are trying to develop new formulations to have better safety and efficacy profiles along with minimized side effects. Number of oncogene inhibitor for treatment of different malignancies is increasing every year due to which their market shares are expected to increase several folds in coming years. Escalating competition could be considered as one of the biggest driver for oncogene inhibitor therapeutics because this segment has significantly large number of products. 

Different oncogene inhibitors have been successfully commercialized by different pharmaceutical companies in past few decades. Oncogenes like c-met and c-myc are one of the most commonly used targets for inhibitors due their involvement in various cancers. This biological phenomenon has given rise to therapeutics which could be commercialized for different cancer categories. In this way, more revenues could be generated and competition could be offered to other cancer therapeutics due to superior therapeutic efficacy. Ras gene was one of the earliest oncogene identified by investigators known to have proto-oncogenic in nature. However, therapeutic for this gene not available in market due to its complex protein structure that is impregnable by oncogenic inhibitors.


\" Oncogene Inhibitors Market & Pipeline Insight 2015\" Report Highlight:

  • Global Oncogene Inhibitors Market Overview
  • Oncogene Inhibitors Pipeline by Company, Indication & Phase
  • Oncogene Inhibitors Pipeline: 185 Drugs
  • Majority Oncogene Inhibitors in Preclinical Phase: 105 Drugs
  • Proto Oncogene Protein c met Inhibitors Pipeline: 42 Drugs
  • Proto Oncogene Protein c-akt Inhibitors: 39 Drugs
  • Marketed Oncogene Inhibitors: 22 Drugs
  • Marketed Proto-Oncogene Protein c-bcl-2 Inhibitors: 8 Drugs

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