Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Therapeutics Market & Pipeline Insight

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  • Publish Date: November-2014
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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The market for Non Hodgkin Lymphoma has significant unmet medical necessities in terms of demand for innovative drugs and novel technologies. This is one of the major factors behind the market witnessing rapid growth in Non Hodgkin Lymphoma segment. Past few decades have witnessed an increased level of activity with regards to development of new identification systems and drug mechanisms. In recent years, there have been an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies focusing their efforts on developing better and highly effective therapeutics for Non Hodgkin Lymphoma which are likely to occupy major market share in coming years.

Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs) for the treatment of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma has occupied large portion in global market. The highly versatile nature of mAbs makes them suitable for targeting different sub-categories of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma which is modestly provided by other therapeutics. The market of widely used chemotherapeutics is likely to decrease further as they are less effective and have more side effects as compared to mAbs. Present market shows that pharmaceutical companies are trying to capture large market portion by increasing indication of already available mAbs for other cancer categories.

Targeted therapies for Non Hodgkin Lymphoma have been able to make a significant place in global market. These therapeutics is generally based on inhibitors which targets signaling in the cancerous cells. Ibrutinib kinase inhibitor developed by Pharmacyclics and Johnson and Johnson’s sub-division Janssen Pharmaceuticals got market approval by the FDA in 2013 for the treatment of mantel cell lymphoma.  In 2014, this drug also got the FDA’s approval for chronic lymphocytic leukemia in US market. It is expected that more targeted therapeutics will be available in coming years that would be able to provide effective medical care to patients and generate higher revenues for pharmaceutical companies.

The concepts of personalized cancer vaccines for Non Hodgkin Lymphoma have started emerging in global therapeutic market. These vaccines are widely accepted by oncologists and patients for having higher safety and efficacy levels. However, issues pertaining higher costs of newly developed personalized cancer vaccine is expected to decrease in near future. Technological advances have created higher confidences in pharmaceutical companies to make these medicines at higher manufacturing rates. This capability will help them to increase the market penetration of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer vaccines.

With the recent technological advances, stem cell transplant has emerged as potent method for the treatment and cure of Non-Hodgkin. Oncologists are still trying to decipher the underlying principal of stem cell therapeutics as a treatment strategy. This method is expected to emerge as major section in market as the benefits provided outmatches any other products. It is expected that pharmaceutical companies would be able to overcome barriers in coming years before market introduction.

The market of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma is expected to make steady growth in coming years due to raising incidences and introduction of new therapeutics by pharmaceutical companies in global market. This largely untapped market has yet to witness the products which would be able to prevent, cure this disease, decrease morbidity and mortality rates. Large amount of money invested in research and development has started to show positive effect on pharmaceutical industry. As a result, the introductions of large amount of therapeutic products in coming years are expected to increase global market size of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma therapeutics.


“Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Therapeutics Market & Pipeline Insight” Report Highlight: 

  • Global Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Market Overview
  • Mechanism of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Therapeutics
  • Global Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Pipeline by Type, Phase & Company
  • Global Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Pipeline: 204 Drugs
  • Majority of the Drugs are in Phase-I: 54 Drugs
  • Marketed Drugs for Non Hodgkin Lymphoma: 30 Drugs
  • Patent Analysis by Country, Year & Compositions 

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