Global Stem Cell Therapy Market Future Outlook

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  • Publish Date: July-2015
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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Stem cells are specialized cells that can differentiate into other cells without losing their identity. They have been found to be present in animals as well as humans and most of the work has been done on mice. Investigators have found that stem cells are part of repair system and helps in maintaining the normal bodily functions. They divide to give rise to two cells out of which one remains the same while other differentiates into the required cell type. They can replenish throughout the life-time and they could repair damaged organs in order to prevent further damage. They are also influenced by external cues due to which they could be converted into different cell type. It is expected that investigators would be able to make new discoveries that would allow them to assign new properties to stem cells. More research is required in this segment to fully understand the properties of stem cells.

Investigators are trying to decipher stem cells biochemical and biophysical properties so that they could develop them as a therapeutic commodity. Their ability to convert into different cell types could be used for developing regenerative medicines. Organ regeneration at laboratory levels have been achieved but it will take some time for developing fully functional transplantable organ. Investigators have found they could be used for various oncological applications. Modified stem cells could be used for curing cancer and some success has been achieved in past years. Their utility in cardiovascular diseases has been noted as they have ability to regenerate damaged cardiac muscles. In neural disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease their role is being studied as presently available therapeutics have modest efficacy with short-lived effects.

Innovations in pharmaceutical industry seem to be the main driving force for the development of stem cell therapies. Investigators have been able to identify different stem cell sources which offers them large base for developing new therapies. Their customizability and appropriate usage is expected to help them to discover new pharmacological properties that may have high commercialization potential. As a result, large numbers of stem cell therapies are entering in clinical trials across the globe. They are at different stages of development and likely to be introduced in global market in coming years. This will help the stem cell therapy developers to generate significant revenues in coming years. However, this scenario may take few years to materialize but some stem cell therapies have already entered in market which are in clinical practice for past years.

As per recent research report \"Global Stem Cell Therapy Market Future Outlook \" published by KuicK Research, advancement in stem cell research seems to be increasing continuously across the globe which is apparent from the number of increasing clinical trials. Stem cell therapies for numerous indications are at different stages of clinical trials and they would be introduced in market in coming years. Increased findings and quest for better therapeutics could be considered as main reason behind growth of this segment. Improved technology and development of innovative modalities are further expected to propel the development of stem cell therapies. Only few stem cell therapies have received approval and most of them are small part of forth coming medical revolution. Stem cell therapy developers would be able to generate significant revenues in coming years. In this way, future prospects of stem cell therapies look optimistic and it is expected that more stem cell therapies would be commercialized in coming years.


\"Global Stem Cell Therapy Market Future Outlook\" Report Highlight: 

  • Global Stem Cell Market Analysis
  • Trends in Stem Cell Research
  • Global Stem Cell Market Dynamics: Favorable Factors & Commercialization Challenges
  • Global Stem Cell Therapies Clinical Pipeline by Company, Indication & Phase
  • Global Stem Cell Therapies in Clinical Pipeline: 114 Therapies
  • Majority Stem Cell Therapies in Preclinical Phase: 38 Therapies
  • Marketed Stem Cell Therapies Clinical Insight by Brand Name, Company & Indication
  • Marketed Stem Cell Therapies Clinical: 2 Therapies (Adipocell® & VesCell™)

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