Global Skin Cancer Vaccine Market & Pipeline Insight 2015

  • No. of Pages: 178
  • Publish Date: February-2015
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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Skin cancer incidences are increasing at alarming rates across the world causing high morbidity and mortality. Research and development in field is expected to change the present scenario by providing better therapeutic options for patients. Skin cancer therapeutics available in market used for first-line treatment have modest efficacy which lays emphasis on the development of better products like skin cancer vaccines. Cancer vaccines for different disease indications have proved their worth in medical fraternity by providing better safety and efficacy profiles. Skin cancer vaccines based products are not available in market but they are soon expected to be entering in market in coming years. Market introduction of such products is much awaited to fulfill the unmet medical demand.

Skin cancer vaccine category seems to be one of the most advanced drug category in terms of number of products and types of products. Efforts in this field have allowed the investigators to come with new ideas like implants and oncolytic viruses for the treatment of skin cancer.  Such dichotomy is not observable in other cancer categories due to which this segment is expected to occupy significant market share. Also, among different cancer products this skin cancer is expected to generate more revenues in coming years. Initially, it is expected that skin cancer vaccines would be used in combinatorial therapy with conventionally available drugs before becoming main stream treatment. Owing to better pharmacological profiles they are expected to become regular component of therapeutic regime.

Novelty of skin cancer vaccine design is expected to be the major factor in increasing their market penetration. Oncolytic skin cancer vaccines are much awaited products as they have no competitors in present market. Theoretically, they can cure skin cancer at advanced stages and increase the life span of patients but they still needs to be investigated rigorously in clinical trials before market introduction. Skeptics and many medical professional show concern about use of oncolytic viruses as they have pathogenic background and mutate to wild type causing infection in patients.  However, such phenomenon has not been observed due to advanced genetic engineering and strict quality control during skin cancer vaccine production. Some of these products are at advanced phases of clinical trials meeting predefine end points for qualifying as a viable pharmacological option.

Implant section of skin cancer vaccine is also expected to make significant impact by decreasing present mortality and morbidity rates. Concept and therapeutic products using implants for treatment has been in pharmaceutical market for several decades. They tend to be more comfortable, require less visits to physicians and higher cost arbitrage coupled with improved technological advancements. This gives a notion that skin cancer vaccines implants will get higher acceptance rates as compared to oncolytic virus based products. However, it should not be compared in case of pharmacological effects because this depends on patients’ medical condition and oncologists’ discretion to utilize best product according to necessity.


“Global Skin Cancer Vaccine Market & Pipeline Insight 2015” Report Highlight 

  • Introduction to Skin Cancer Vaccine
  • Global Skin Cancer Vaccine Market Analysis
  • Global Skin Cancer Vaccine Pipeline by Company & Phase
  • Global Skin Cancer Vaccine Pipeline: 47 Vaccines
  • Majority Skin Cancer Vaccines in Phase-I: 12 Vaccines
  • Marketed Skin Cancer Vaccines: 2 (MVax by AVAX Technologies & Melacine by GlaxoSmithKline)
  • Personalized Cancer Vaccines: Progress & Possibilities
  • Skin Cancer Vaccine Mechanism

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