Global Peptide Vaccine Market & Pipeline Insight

  • No. of Pages: 200
  • Publish Date: January-2015
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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Peptide vaccines are peptides that exhibit pharmacological properties by activating human immune system rather than showing pharmacologically activity by themselves. They are administered into body to enter in lymph nodes where they induce long lasting immune response. They utilize immune system and develop long term acquired immunity which has capability to prevent future incidences of pathogen attack. Every living cell in human body has surface markers as an instrument to identify self from non-self which is artificially provided by vaccines. When foreign entity penetrates into the body, defence mechanism already triggered by vaccines gets activated to protect from spread of pathogen.

Peptide vaccines also follow the same principles followed by conventional vaccines. It must contain a part of pathogen mimicking protein in their structure. This mimicking molecule enters the body and causes a series of reactions leading to the activation immune system. Body mistook it as an attack by pathogen while in reality it is harmless peptide vaccine. The immune system gets activated and prevents the potential attack done by pathogenic microorganism. The potential of therapeutic drugs in saving lives has been proved and investigators are increasing their focus on development of prophylactic peptide vaccines.

The research and development of peptide vaccines has gained significant momentum in pharmaceutical industry during past decade. The high safety and efficacy levels and minimum side effects is the most important factor for large investments in this segment. Different methods have been found by researchers that offers cost effectiveness to patients besides therapeutic benefits. Pharmaceuticals companies are trying to find innovative methods that could strengthen and diversify their portfolio.

Progress in recombinant DNA technology is the basis of development of peptide vaccine without which current progress has not been achieved by pharmaceutical companies. Market growth of peptide vaccine is dependent on this field and the amount of funds diverged to this segment. To generate more revenues funds invested will increase at significant rates for the development of innovative peptide vaccines. It is expected that the next-generation peptide vaccines presently under investigation would pass through regulatory hurdle, clinical trials and marketed in near future.

Various peptide vaccines available in market have been made by using different methods of recombinant DNA technology. Subunit vaccines group seems to occupy large market in coming years due to their versatile nature and ease of development. Large scale manufacturing if also easy with minimal number steps that helps in decreasing time, reduce wastage of raw materials and have high cost-arbitrage. Over time, reduced marketing time coupled with their therapeutic property will make them highly suitable candidate with optimistic growth potential.

Peptide vaccines for treatment and prevention of cancer are expected to occupy a major share in global vaccine market as well as in other fields like infectious and neurobiological disease. It is expected that investigators would be able to extend the indications for the peptide vaccines in near future that would be instrumental in widespread penetration of peptide vaccines. Immunotoxicity, clinical/ preclinical requirements and regulatory issues are realistic hurdles which may limit the market penetration of peptide vaccines at global level. Many peptide vaccines have successfully made niche in global market which gives an idea about optimistic future that would be achieved in coming years.


“Global Peptide Vaccine Market & Pipeline Insight” Report Highlights: 

  • Introduction & Mechanism of Peptide Vaccine
  • Peptide Vaccine Market Overview
  • Peptide Vaccine Market Dynamics (Drivers, Challenges & Future Outlook)
  • Peptide Vaccine Pipeline by Phase, Indication, Company & Country
  • Peptide Vaccine Pipeline in Clinical Pipeline: 69
  • Majority of Peptide Vaccine in Preclinical Phase: 19
  • Competitive Landscape & Patent Analysis

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