Global Multiple Myeloma Drug Market & Pipeline Insight 2015

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  • Publish Date: May-2015
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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Multiple myeloma incidences are increasing across the globe and presently available therapeutics are unable to offer effective clinical benefits. Multiple myeloma chemotherapeutics shows modest pharmacological efficacy due to which necessity for better options are required. Surgery and radiation are equally ineffective and they are not viable for most of the cases. Pharmaceutical companies have identified this scenario due to which they are investing more funds in research and development segment. As a result, investigators would be able to screen more lead molecules for their safety and efficacy in multiple myeloma. Innovative modalities are being studied in clinical trial and they are expected to yield significant results thereby surpassing the issues related with presently available modalities in coming years.

In past few decades several methods for treatment of multiple myeloma has been developed by investigators. Surgery could be performed for transplanting bone marrow from healthy donor. Radiation therapy has modest effect because myeloma cells are spread throughout the body which means higher dosage are required. Chemotherapeutics have been used successfully in past few decades for multiple myeloma treatment. New modalities are being tried by investigators to decrease its morbidity and mortality rates. They are also expected to have lesser side effects and would be able to increase average survival rates. Several innovative multiple myeloma therapeutics is available in market which offers higher safety and efficacy levels. It is expected that new innovative therapeutics would be able to offer better pharmacological benefit to patients and generate significant revenues in coming years.

Stem cell transplant has been suggested by investigators as an effective way to treat multiple myeloma. These cells have capability to differentiate according to the environment in which they have been place. External cues can also be used to transform them into desired type before implanting in the body. Some researchers have proposed the use of recombinant proteins to be implanted in the bone marrow which will prevent the proliferation of multiple myeloma. More time is required to develop and refine this technology which could potentially eliminate multiple myeloma from the body. Such technologies are still under different phases of development and they are expected to take some time before entering in global market. These modalities are expected to change the way multiple myeloma is treated but lots of progress has yet to be made by investigators.

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) have been successfully used for the several malignancies due to their superior therapeutic efficacy and high specificity. Targeted mAbs have the ability to bind to specific cells due to which minimized side effects are observed in cancer patients. Investigators are also trying to develop targeted mAbs for treating multiple myeloma which would be offer better therapeutic effects. New modalities like cancer vaccines are also under investigation for studying their pharmacological efficacy. Vaccines for multiple myeloma are under investigation and they are expected to overcome relapse because they activates the patient’s immune system. Important part of developing such vaccines is to carefully choose the correct candidate for long-term efficacy. They are also at different stages of clinical trials and strong clinical data is required before their marketing approval in coming years.

Several new developments are expected to take place in field of multiple myeloma segments in coming years. Technological advancements along with rising funding levels is expected to increase the rate of innovations for the development of multiple myeloma drug. As a result, their pipeline is expected to become strong and more clinical trials across the globe are expected to be instigated. Positive outcomes are expected from these clinical trials due to which volume of multiple myeloma therapeutics is going to increase. Simultaneously, there sales are also expected to increase due to profit erosion of presently available therapeutics. In this way, newly introduced multiple myeloma therapeutics are expected to increase several folds in coming years. Besides this, more patients are willing to pay for such therapeutics which can increase their disease free progression. 


"Global Multiple Myeloma Drug Market & Pipeline Insight 2015" Report Highlight:

  • Global Multiple Myeloma Drug Market Analysis
  • Global Multiple Myeloma Drug Clinical Insight by Company, Indication & Phase
  • Marketed Multiple Myeloma Drugs Clinical Insight
  • Mechanism of Multiple Myeloma Drug
  • Global Multiple Myeloma Drug Clinical Pipeline:  164 Drugs
  • Majority Multiple Myeloma Drugs in Phase-II Trials: 40
  • Marketed Multiple Myeloma Drugs: 9

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