Global Lung Cancer Vaccine Market & Pipeline Insight 2015

  • No. of Pages: 120
  • Publish Date: February-2015
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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Lung cancer incidences are rapidly increasing and various therapeutics have been introduced in global market to provide better care to patients. Surgery and radiation therapy are not preferred for lung cancer treatment due to which they have small global market size. Chemotherapeutics and targeted therapeutics for lung cancer treatment are major market contender in global market with wide acceptance levels among oncologists and patients. Chemotherapeutics have life threatening side effects while targeted therapeutics available in markets are quite effective therapeutics but they are unable to reduce the present lung cancer mortality rates. These drawbacks are not expected to be associated with lung cancer vaccines which will help in generating significant revenues and increased penetration across the globe.

Identification of novel targets for lung cancer vaccine development is underway by pharmaceutical companies to provide efficient medical care to patients. Many mechanisms and tumour antigen has been identified for the development of novel lung cancer vaccines. Different lung cancer vaccines will help the patients in deciding better therapeutic options and generate significant revenues for pharmaceutical companies. Pharmacological effects provided by these novel lung cancer vaccine is expected to help the lung cancer patients across the globe.

Melanoma associated antigen 3(MAGE-3) is target of various cancer vaccines for therapeutic treatment of lung cancer. This antigen is absent in normal cell, while it is abundantly found in cancerous cells making it a suitable candidate for developing lung cancer vaccine targeting different stages of cancer progression.  These lung cancer vaccines are able to identify different levels of MAGE-3 leading to their correct identification. As a result, cancer vaccine targeting this antigen is expected to have minimized side effects because it is absent in normal cell. This fact also shows that relapse may not occur due to eradication of all existing cancerous cells from the body.

Lung cancer vaccine is formulated by incorporating MAGE-3 antigen as source of activation for immune cells. This vaccine consists of fusion between human MAGE-3 antigen and protein D from Haemophilus influnzae. When it is injected inside the body it causes the immune system to get activated and identify this formulation as external entity. This causes the memory cells to search for any external substances in body having signature sequences like vaccines. As a result, cancerous cells present in the body are identified as external entity and selectively eliminated to prevent the cancer progression.

Lung cancer vaccines are expected to become a major tool in lung cancer treatment in coming years due to superior pharmacological performance. Prophylactic lung cancer vaccines are needed to be developed and thoroughly investigated in clinical trilas. Many innovative lung cancer vaccines are under various phases of clinical trials effective medical treatment. Significant clinical data generated has given encouragement to oncologists and pharmaceutical companies to investigate different forms of lung cancer vaccine. These vaccines are under investigation, once high safety and efficacy levels are obtained then it would be easy to apply for the marketing approval across the globe in various countries.


“Global Lung Cancer Vaccine Market & Pipeline Insight 2015” Report Highlights:

  • Introduction to Lung Cancer Vaccine
  • Global Lung Cancer Vaccine Market Analysis
  • Global Lung Cancer Vaccine Pipeline by Company & Phase
  • Global Lung Cancer Vaccine Pipeline: 29 Vaccines
  • Majority Lung Cancer Vaccines in Phase-II: 8 Vaccines
  • Marketed Lung Cancer Vaccines: 3 (         BV NSCLC 001, Mycidac-C™ & Vaxira®)
  • Personalized Cancer Vaccines: Progress & Possibilities
  • Lung Cancer Vaccine Mechanism

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