Global Cell Therapy Market Outlook 2020

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  • Publish Date: May-2015
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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Pharmaceutical companies are actively looking for different modalities which could help in generating more revenues by competing with existing products. Traditional therapeutic have modest safety and efficacy levels and newer options are required to overcome their shortcomings. In this quest, they have focused upon cell therapy which holds both pharmacological and commercialization potential. Their utilization for therapeutic treatment of various diseases have been identified and used them successfully in past few decades. Various new cell therapy modalities are being discovered which are at different stages of clinical trials. They are expected to prove their safety and efficacy levels before entering in global market in coming years. Myriad of innovative cell therapies are under development which are expected to the change the way diseases are treated. Some of the therapeutics are widely accepted and they have already entered in clinical trials, while others are expected to face stringent regulations.

Cell therapies have been widely promoted by pharmaceutical companies as cure for all diseases. Especially, the concept of stem cell therapy has been promoted as panacea that can effectively tackle majority of ailments. But investigators have found that they are far from real scenario in which most of the underlying principles of stem cell therapy are not understood. During experimentation, investigators have found tumor formation in different parts of body of test subject. Microscopic examination revealed that it is not tumor nor cancerous cell accumulation, such thing has never been reported. In some cases, cancerous condition was found to be developed after administration of stem cells. These events show that server life threatening side effects could be developed without offering pharmacological benefits. Pharmaceutical companies need diligence because cells therapies are relatively new discovery and much work has to be done before their successful commercialization.

Utilization of cell therapy in tissue and regenerative medicine is expected to have huge marketing potential. Presently, there are no other options which could help in the growth of deregulated organs. Several therapeutic molecules are present in this segment but they are unable to form new tissue or sometimes organ transplant is required. It may be very complicated as suitable donor is required and process is quite invasive due to which high mortality rates are observed. On the other hand, cell therapy treatments are expected to overcome these issues which will increase their acceptance levels leading to higher sales. It could be applied for several categories that increase their applicability and commercialization prospects. Some categories like skin graft has been introduced across the globe for skin related issues. Presently, only few applications like severe burns are treated with their assistance but in future its applicability for cosmetic purposes are expected to be extended. In this way, their commercialization potential is expected to be improved increased due to increased number of indications.

Cell therapies are becoming competent with time and their utilization in large number of indications have made them an indispensible part of pharmaceutical industry. Significant investments in research and development segment along with years of data are helping in introduction of innovative products. However, they are quite new for pharmaceutical industry and their long-term effect is not known. It may offer hindrance but their superior pharmacological efficacy is going to promote their usage across the globe. It is at nascent stages but holds promise for future generations which are expected to observe boost in cell therapy products. Glitches in manufacturing and large scale production are needed to be solved in coming years. Many significant results have been achieved due to which confidence of investors, investigators, physicians and patients have increased in cell therapies. All these development shows that cell therapeutics are expected to generate significant revenues across the globe.


" Global Cell Therapy Market Outlook 2020" Report Highlight:

  • Introduction & Classification of Cell Therapy
  • Role of Stem Cells in Cell Therapy
  • Global Cell Therapy Market Analysis
  • Global Cell Therapy Clinical Pipeline by Country, Indication & Phase
  • Marketed Cell Therapy Clinical Insight by Brand Name, Company & Indication
  • Global Cell Therapy Clinical Pipeline: 262 Cell Therapies Drugs
  • Marketed Cell Therapies: 13


Marketed Cell Therapy Clinical Insight by Brand Name, Company & Indication

  • Adipose Stem Cell Therapy  (Adipocell®)
  • Allogeneic Cultured Keratinocytes & Fibroblasts (Gintuit®)
  • Angiogenic Cell Precursor Therapy (VesCell™)
  • Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (ChondroCelect®)
  • Autologous Chondrocytes (BioCart™)
  • Autologous Cultured Chondrocyte Implant  (Carticel®)
  • Autologous Cultured Chondrocytes (Chondrotransplant® DISC)
  • Matrix Characterised Autologous Cultured Chondrocytes  (MACI™)
  • Azficel-T (Laviv®)
  • Human Skin Replacement for Burns  (CellSpray®)
  • Leukocyte Cell Therapy (CureXcell™)
  • Sipuleucel-T (Provenge®)
  • T-Lymphocyte Cell Therapy (Immuncell-LC®)

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