Global Cancer Kinase Inhibitors Market & Pipeline Insight

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  • Publish Date: October-2014
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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The recent years have witnessed the emergence of kinase inhibitors, which have the potential to offer less toxic and more efficient therapeutic alternatives for patients. Over the past two decades, the researchers have increased their learning about the functioning of these inhibitors, which has led to the achievement of significant milestones of development during this period. The use of inhibitors for treating cancer is gradually increasing. The rising market availability of these agents has enabled the pharmaceutical companies to develop novel combination approaches which have the capability to provide even greater insight into the body’s acceptance of inhibitors so as to develop more efficient drugs.

The field of cancer is growing mainly because of the globally aging population, increasing rates of obesity and rising smoking rates across all regions. This opens the door of opportunities for the drug makers globally because the kinase inhibitors is highly competitive and is currently in growing stages, thus offering significant areas of unmet medical need. The future years are likely to witness significantly increased levels of activity in the development of these drugs.

Additionally, with the industry undergoing the period of “patent cliff”, the pharma companies are rapidly working towards filling up their exhausting pipelines with alternative and innovative drugs. Kinase inhibitors fit these spaces most appropriately, which is likely to drive future growth and improve the survival rates of cancer patients.

A significant amount of research is being carried out currently to improve the level of potency of the already developed kinase inhibitors. Consequently, a relatively new approach has been indentified in which the precision of targeting molecules would be combined with the proved killing power of radiation or cytotoxic chemotherapy which is referred to as payload to precise molecular carriers. However, still a lot of work needs to be done in this arena.

It is expected that during the next decade, with the discovery and introduction of new tumor-specific proteins, newer kinase inhibitor drugs targets would be successfully identified for regulating tumor cell growth. Additionally, the innovations and dynamics in inhibitors would also allow for more efficient cytotoxic kinase inhibitor drug targeting or lead to more efficient activation of host effector mechanisms which tend to lead to better therapeutic targets.

“Global Cancer Kinase Inhibitors Market & Pipeline Insight” Report Highlight:

  • Classification & Mechanism of Kinase Inhibitors
  • Cancer Kinase Inhibitors Therapy Market Overview
  • Cancer Kinase Inhibitors Therapy Pipeline by Phase, Indication, Company & Country
  • Marketed Cancer Kinase Inhibitors Therapy by Indication, Company & Country
  • Patent Analysis &  Orphan Designation of Kinase Inhibitors
  • Cancer Kinase Inhibitors In Clinical Pipeline: 649 Drugs
  • Marketed Cancer Kinase Inhibitors: 35 Drugs

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