Global Cancer Biosimilars Market Opportunity Outlook

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  • Publish Date: June-2015
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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Cancer incidences are escalating tremendously across the globe due to which burgeoning pressure has been created on pharmaceutical companies to come forth with viable products. Moreover, presently available drugs for cancer treatment are known for their superior pharmacological benefits along with their significantly higher prices. Most of the cancer patients are unable to afford them due to financial constraints. Simultaneously, they have also created lot of financial burden on healthcare system due to which various regulators are unable to offer better facilities to cancer patients. Administration of biosimilars for various malignancies has been proposed to alleviate patient’s medical condition and development of sustainable healthcare system. They are developed after expiry of patent protection and associated rights due to which they have lesser cost as compared to originator molecule. However, cancer biosimilar has not been introduced in limited markets and other available products are used in supportive cancer care.

Market introduction of cancer biosimilar is required because they have both high pharmacological and commercialization potential. Chemotherapeutic drugs have dominated the cancer segment for several decade but various new modalities have been introduced in past few years. They are biologic in origin and consist of plethora of therapeutics for numerous cancer indications. They have higher therapeutic efficacy and lesser side effects as compared to chemotherapeutics. Their cost may be high but therapeutic benefits offered by them offers lucrative choice to cancer patients. Some of the cancer biologics are going to lose patent protection and associated rights in coming years. As a result, path would be paved for the market introduction of cancer biosimilars. They have been introduced for several disease indications and their better pharmacological efficacy along with affordable pricing has been widely accepted. Same benefits are also expected to be offered by them to cancer patients due to which significant revenues are expected to be generated by pharmaceutical companies.

Investigators are likely to introduce cancer biosimilars for various indications in coming years that will help them in increasing their market shares. This segment is largely unexplored and offers significant opportunities in future. Their clinical pipeline is quite strong and different products are at various stages of clinical trials. Innovative biosimilar products are expected to be entered in global market as a consequence of strong clinical pipeline. However, their clinical trials are more rigorous as compared to the biologics clinical trials because they are copy molecules. They must satisfy the clinical results when compared to results generated by originator molecules. In this way, their market winding time is increased and due to seriousness of diseases it becomes more important to develop cancer biosimilars with high safety and efficacy levels.

In recent years, biosimilars have received approval in different parts of world due to their comparable pharmacological benefits and cost-effectiveness. It is expected that similar progress would be shown by cancer biosimilars which are at nascent stages of industry life cycle. Amenable guidelines are also expected to be formulated in coming years leading to better commercialization opportunities. These changes are expected to be propelled by escalating cancer patient population and demand for better cancer therapeutics with high cost effectiveness. This scenario shows that cancer biosimilars are going to play an important role at both pharmacological and commercial levels. All these facts show that cancer biosimilars are going to generate significant revenues and have an optimistic future ahead.


Marketed Cancer Biosimilars in Countries by Country/Region:

Argentina, Europe, Latin America ,India, Thailand, Russia & US


Regulatory Pathways for Development & Marketing of Biosimilars by Country:

Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, US


\"Global Cancer Biosimilars Market Opportunity Outlook\" Report Highlight & Findings:

  • Introduction & Mechanism  of  Cancer Biosimilars
  • Global Cancer Biosimilars Market Dynamics
  • FDA & EMA Guidelines on Development & Marketing of Biosimilars
  • Cancer Biosimilars Clinical Pipeline by Company, Indication & Phase
  • Cancer Biosimilars Clinical Pipeline: 100 Biosimilars
  • Marketed Cancer Biosimilars Clinical Insight
  • Marketed Cancer Biosimilars: 15 Biosimilars

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