Global Breast Cancer Vaccine Clinical Trial Insight

  • No. of Pages: 134
  • Publish Date: October-2014
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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“Global Breast Cancer Vaccine Clinical Trial Insight” Report Highlight:

  • Global Breast Cancer Vaccine Market Overview
  • Global Breast Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Company, Phase & Country
  • Mechanism of Breast Cancer Vaccine & Personalized Cancer Vaccines
  • Detailed Clinical Insight on Breast Cancer Vaccine Pipeline: 35 Vaccines
  • Majority in PHASE-I Clinical Trial: 12 Vaccines
  • Highest Clinical Phase is PHASE-III: 2 Vaccines (NeuVax & OBI-822)


Cancer vaccines have emerged viable option for treating multiple cancers which in the present day scenario do not have effective treatments. Therapeutic cancer vaccines and Prophylactic cancer vaccines are the two broad segments into which the cancer vaccines market is categorized. Therapeutic or Treatment vaccines are targeted at treating an existing cancer by strengthening the body’s natural defenses against the cancer while the Prophylactic or Preventive vaccines are used to prevent cancer from developing in healthy people. With the approval of the prostate cancer vaccine, Provenge by Dendreon, the field of cancer vaccines has received an unprecedented boost.  Consequently, many companies are expected to enter this highly profitable emerging field of preventing, treating, and potentially curing the cancer.

In last few years, the peptide cancer vaccines have been demonstrating potential in clinical trials for the treatment of breast cancer. The high versatility and easy modification capabilities have made them widely acceptable among oncologists. They are sometimes developed to target over expressed receptors specific to the breast cancer cells. These vaccines stimulate a cancer patients\' immune system to identify and eliminate breast cancer cells. Clinical trials have also shown the efficacy of peptide vaccines in shrinking breast cancer. This has encouraged the oncologists to develop better breast cancer vaccine for patients.

The development and deciphering of underlying principle of breast cancer vaccine will improve significantly driven by technological advancement occurred in recent years. Innovative products developed in this way will decrease the development time and will also help in cost arbitrage. Without cost effectiveness it would be difficult for pharmaceutical companies to compete and occupy substantial share in breast cancer market. However, it is expected that the cost of these vaccines would be high at the time of introduction which will subsequently decrease due to availability of other vaccines in same category.

It is most likely that the first breast cancer vaccines would be introduced in market in the next 3-5 years period.  Clinical trials would be able to come with thoroughly checked version of products under investigation which would be able to provide higher levels of medical care to breast cancer patients. Most of the innovative products are at the final stages of clinical trials which are supposed to clear the targeted end points.

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