Global Antibody Drug Conjugate Market & Pipeline Insight2020

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  • Publish Date: August-2015
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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Pharmaceutical companies are trying to develop better therapeutics in order to overcome large unmet medical necessities. Currently available therapeutics suffers from various caveats like low specificity, low potency and severe adverse effects. This scenario has caused the pharmaceutical companies to develop therapeutics that can succeed these limitations. They have been able to overcome these problems and improve their medical conditions by commercializing ADC. They are rapidly gaining acceptance across the globe as they offer superior pharmacological efficiency along with minimized side effects. Most of the success has been found in the field of cancer segment where they have been able to produce superior pharmacological results as compared to other cancer therapeutics available in the market. They are also expected to be introduced for other disease categories in coming years due to which their market shares would increase in coming years.

ADC are compatible with other therapeutics which helps in increasing their efficacy of disease treatment. Investigators are trying to find solution to this issue by improving their drug design by incorporating target specific capabilities. Some targeted ADC have been introduced in market and similar features are expected to be incorporated in ADC under development. This will help in increasing their acceptance rates among patients by reducing specific side effects. However, cost-effectiveness is one the biggest question in front of ADC for various malignancies. They are at nascent stages of industry life cycle due to which high prices are expected to be persisted for some years. This fact is the potential commercial hindrance in front of ADCs as only few patients with sufficient financial backup would be able to include them in their regular therapeutic regime.

Research and development of ADC has gained lots of attention in past years due to their capability to treat various cancers. Lung cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and other cancers are categorized as solid cancers which have high patient base. In case of solid malignancies it has been found that limited number of ADC are internalized and others are wasted due to limited number of receptors on the cell surface. A new approach is being studied in which chemically triggered release of drug from ADC is being developed. In this way, efficacy of the ADC would increase and they would be able to eliminate cancerous cells with high efficacy. This type of ADC has not been marketed across the globe and this segment largely remains untouched showing significant marketing opportunities.

ADC for hematological malignancies have been marketed and their clinical pipeline is also quite strong. Investigators have found that certain antigens are over expressed in hematological malignancies as compared to other malignancies. CD19, CD22, CD25, CD30, CD33 and others are being investigated. They would be used for developing ADC for Hodgkin lymphoma, NHL, ALCL and other hematological malignancies. On the other hand, HER2 has been targeted for developing breast cancer ADC and other targets are also being explored. For instance, Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Variant III (EGFRVIII) is being explored for brain cancer. Similarly other malignancies like, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer and other cancers are being investigated in clinical trials. With time, it is expected that investigators would be able to find more targets putatively associated with malignancies. This fact shows that market size of ADCs are going to increase several folds in coming years.


\" Global Antibody Drug Conjugate Market & Pipeline Insight 2020\" Report Highlight: 

  • Global Antibody Drug Conjugates Market Overview
  • Mechanism of Antibody Drug Conjugates
  • Global Antibody Drug Conjugates Clinical Pipeline by Company, Indication & Phase
  • Global Antibody Drug Conjugates Clinical Pipeline: 148 ADC
  • Marketed Antibody Drug Conjugates Clinical Insight:  8 ADC
  • Antibody Drug Conjugates Patent Analysis
  • Global Antibody Drug Conjugates Market  Future Prospects

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