China Industrial Robots Market Opportunity Analysis

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  • Publish Date: September-2013
  • Category: Information Communication Technology
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China has emerged as economic powerhouse in the past 20 years on the strength of its manufacturing capabilities and now the country is making the transition from a manufacturing-driven to an innovation-driven economy. To spearhead this move, the state is initiating research initiatives to develop and attract skilled personnel and the requisite talent. It has grown to be one of the leading countries in the robotics market and it is expected that its combined strength in hardware and software, would help the Chinese robotics industry move ahead. Industrial robots help Chinese enterprises cut costs and gain efficiency on different fronts-efficiency, company management, food, accommodation, insurance and social benefits for employees—besides strengthening their competitiveness in technology innovation and product design.

China is now looking to gradually change from its labor-intensive style to a more sustainable and innovative development with respect to manufacturing and industrial transformation. This involves an increased use of robots to reduce cost and increase efficiency and competitiveness. Forecasts indicate that given the aging population,Chinawill have 40 million less workers in the 20-30 age bracket compared to ten years ago, and this gap will be filled by robots.

China draws its economic and strategic direction from its Five Year Plan that outlines the aspects of development in all areas of society. In the 12th five year plan thatChina started in 2011, an important area marked for development was the service robot. Given this specific top level direction and thrust, it is expected that we could see many new Chinese robotics companies emerging in the short term and widespread use of robots, so that the action on the ground matches the growth targets set out in the plan.

“China Industrial Robots Market Opportunity Analysis” gives comprehensive insight on following issues related to development of Industrial robotics market in china:

  • Industrial Robots Market Overview
  • Local Production & import of Industrial Robots
  • Robots Usage by Industry
  • Favorable Market Dynamics
  • Ongoing Government Support & Incentives
  • Market Opportunities Ahead
  • Competitive Landscape

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