China Healthcare Market Analysis

  • No. of Pages: 94
  • Publish Date: June-2012
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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Healthcare system in China is witnessing series of transformation driven by government backed reform process and increasing private sector participation. Although China healthcare market is fraction of the developed markets, it is actually witnessing double digit growth in recent years. However, within the Chinese healthcare market landscape,there still exists huge difference between the tier one cities and the rural areas. Within the city, there exist huge difference in the level of healthcare services provided by the hospital and small clinics. Chinese healthcare market is very diverse in nature due to presence of multiple hierarchies of healthcare institutions offering services to largest population base in the world.

With improvement in the healthcare infrastructure, the Chinese Healthcare Industry is entering into a new era of development. Moreover, increased government spending, has accelerated the development of healthcare infrastructure in China. Large population base having large proportion of ageing people and continuously growing prevalence of lifestyle diseases are further supporting the advancement of the industry. With 1.3 Billion people, China has a huge opportunity in terms of potential patients. However, a closer look at the composition of China s populace reveals a much smaller, although still very large, likely patient pool. Approximately 600 Million people are considered urban residents, while over 700 Million are considered rural residents in China. The rural population is disadvantaged in terms of access to and quality of care. Nevertheless, even without significant uptake in rural patients, China health-care market could continue growing at an intense pace.

The total healthcare expenditure accounts for only about 5% of the total GDP in China, this percentage has increased over the past few years. Compared with developed countries, this 5% is relatively low. However, with the development of the economy, there is still a great potential for increasing the healthcare expenditure’s percentage of the GDP.

“China Healthcare Market Analysis” research report gives detailed overview on the multiple aspects related to healthcare system in China. It helps to understand the recent reform process started by the government and its impact on healthcare market in future. This research report also helps to analyze ongoing trends and the healthcare infrastructure and human resources in China.

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