Cancer Targeted Therapy Market & Clinical Insight 2015

  • No. of Pages: 2900
  • Publish Date: April-2015
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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Cancer targeted therapy global market could be broadly divided into small and large molecules segments. Small molecules generate significant shares due to their sheer numbers as compared to large molecules cancer targeted therapeutics. Moreover, they have mature market and they could be considered as pioneer due to which they have more market penetration across the globe. Their prices have gone down because significant progress has been achieved in their drug design development, manufacturing and marketing. However, they have limited targeting efficacy and limited products could be used for multiple cancer indications. This scenario gave way to market introduction of large molecule cancer targeted therapeutics having better pharmacological profiles.

Small molecules cancer targeted therapeutics could be further divided into several categories depending upon cancer indications and target type. For instance, Gleevec by Novartis is tyrosine kinase inhibitor which is used in chronic myelogenous leukemia. Zelboraf by Roche is used for melanoma treatment which is a serine threonine kinase inhibitor. Multiple target inhibitors could also be observed in this segment which could be assigned to different cancer segments. Such capabilities allow them to erode profit margins of other drugs belonging to same and other cancer indications. It should also be noted that a single small molecule could fall in several segments due to which it could be used in lieu of similar drug. For instance, Lapatinib by GalaxoSmithKline acts on Her2/neu receptors and EGFR pathways related to breast cancer and lung cancer. Multiple target inhibitors contain both small and large molecule cancer targeted therapeutics. Various big pharmaceutical companies like Boehringer Ingelheim, Johnson & Johnson, Teva, Eli Lily and others are actively engaged in development of these molecules. Customizability of a molecule is among important factors that helps in increasing their market shares.

Large molecules like monoclonal antibodies are highly customizable due to which they could be formulated according to necessities of drug development program. Due to high versatility, they have been developed to target various molecules specific to particular cancer types. New target discovery could be considered as one of the most important factors affecting market growth of large molecule cancer targeted therapeutics. As compared to small molecule cancer targeted molecules, they have better pharmacological profiles and target binding efficacy due to which they would be able to occupy major market shares across the globe in coming years. They are still at emerging stages of industry life cycles due to which they offer significant marketing potential.

Clinical pipeline of innovative targeted therapeutics is increasing continuously due to which pharmaceutical companies would be able to generate more revenues. For instance, early diagnosis is a pre requisite of cancer patients undergoing cancer treatment. Paper carrying synthetic target molecule on surface is proposed to be used for identifying different cancers by soaking it in potential patient’s urine. Such tests are expected to be marketed in underdeveloped countries where early cancer diagnosis tests are costly. Other uses of nanotechnology is being discovered by investigators so that they could directly target specific molecules without affecting neighboring cells. Further, new biomarkers are at various phases of clinical trials that would be able to introduce new cancer targeted therapeutics in global market in coming years.


Clinical Insight on Cancer Targeted Therapies Pipeline Covered in Report:

  • Cancer Targeted Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors Pipeline: 388 TKI
  • Cancer Targeted Angiogenesis Inhibitors Pipeline: 166 Angiogenesis Inhibitors 
  • Cancer Vaccines Pipeline: 289 Cancer Vaccines
  • Cancer Targeted Monoclonal Antibodies: 605  mAb  
  • Oncogene Inhibitors Pipeline: 185 oncogene inhibitors


“Cancer Targeted Therapy Market & Clinical Insight” Report Highlight: 

  • Introduction & Categorization of Cancer Targeted Therapies
  • Mechanism of Cancer Targeted Tyrosine Kinase, Vaccines, Oncogenes Inhibitors, Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Cancer Targeted Therapy Clinical Pipeline by Company, Indication & Phase
  • Clinical Insight on More Than 1200 Cancer Targeted Therapies in Pipeline
  • Clinical Insight & Patent Analysis of Marketed Cancer Targeted Therapies
  • Global Cancer Targeted Therapeutics Market Dynamics
  • Future Prospects of Cancer Targeted Therapies

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