Cancer CD Antigen Inhibitors Market & Pipeline Insight2015

  • No. of Pages: 600
  • Publish Date: August-2015
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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Pharmaceutical companies are continuously looking for better therapeutic options to effectively cure and prevent various malignancies. Several options for cancer treatment are available belonging to various classes of molecules. Different types of cancer have different pathophysiological characteristics due to which distinctive approach is required for effective treatment. Several molecules have been discovered out of which CD antigens have been found to play an important role in cancer progression and proliferation. Investigators are trying to assign different functions to CD antigens by doing extensive research and development. Their role in cancer development has been noted due to which lots of progress would be observed in this segment. Most of the work has been done in cancer segment and pharmacological profiles are expected to be improved in coming years.

CD antigen cancer therapeutics have diverse design and target due to which they could be used for several malignancies. Presence of BiTEs, ADC, monoclonal antibodies and tri-functional antibodies for targeting different CD antigens has been commercialized. Next step is assumed to be the improvement in design as complexity at molecular levels makes it difficult to manufacture them in large quantities. This issue not only decreases the productivity but also increases the cost of production. Higher cost of end products limits the number of cancer patients choosing them as a part of their regular therapeutic regime. With the use of advanced technology it is expected that this issue would be overcome in coming years. Some of the progress could be observed in case of monoclonal antibodies and same scenario could be observed for other CD antigen cancer therapeutics in coming years.

Clinical trials are being instigated across the globe in order to extend their utilities in different malignancies. They are versatile in nature due to which they could be used as a part of combinatorial therapy along with monoclonal antibodies. Their utilities in different malignancies are also being studied but results of such clinical trials remains elusive. They have strong clinical pipeline due to which several products would be introduced in coming years. However, these products are at different stages of clinical pipeline and they may take long winding times as lots of experiments proving their safety and efficacy has to be done. With time more CD antigens are expected to be discovered and they would help in the increased market size. Commercial success of marketed CD antigen cancer therapeutics shows that they would be generating significant revenues in coming years.

CD antigen cancer market is expected to witness introduction of several products which will help the pharmaceutical companies to generate significant revenues. Increasing demand for better therapeutics, large unmet medical necessities and large numbers of cancer patient’s patient are expected to be responsible for the growth of this market segment. Increased funding in research and development along with utilization of advanced technology will also help in increasing their market shares across the globe. Numerous innovative CD antigen cancer therapeutics are at different stages of clinical trials which would increase their market shares. Despite these facts they have higher prices and their manufacturing is difficult but utilization of advanced technology along with streamlining of various processes are expected to overcome this barrier. In this way, future of CD antigen cancer therapeutics looks optimistic due to their superior pharmacological profiles.


CD Antigens Segments in Report:

CD3, CD4, CD9, CD11, CD19, CD20, CD22, CD26, CD27, CD28, CD29, CD33, CD37, CD40, CD44, CD45, CD47, CD52¸ CD55, CD56, CD66, CD70, CD74, CD80, CD95, CD98, CD100, CD117, CD135, CD137, CD152, CD200, CD223, CD227, CD246, CD248, CD274, CD276, CD279

 “Cancer CD Antigens Inhibitors Therapy Market & Pipeline Insight 2015” Report Highlight:

  • Nomenclature & Classification of CD Antigens
  • Mechanism of CD Antigen Cancer Therapeutics
  • Cancer CD Antigen Therapy Market Overview
  • Cancer CD Antigen Inhibitors Clinical Pipeline by Company, Indication & Phase
  • Cancer CD Antigen Inhibitors Clinical Pipeline: 207 Drugs
  • Marketed Cancer CD Antigen Inhibitors: 27 Drugs
  • Majority of Cancer CD Antigen Inhibitors in Preclinical Phase: 70 Drugs
  • Cancer CD Antigens Clinical Pipeline Dominated by CD20 Antigen: 44 Drugs
  • Cancer CD Antigens Clinical Pipeline is Represented in 52 Graphs & Charts

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