Brazil Wind Power Sector Opportunity Analysis 2018

  • No. of Pages: 45
  • Publish Date: June-2013
  • Category: Energy and Power
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Brazil wind power sector has been expanding gradually in recent years. The rising electricity demand and government focus on renewable energy has resulted in series of favorable transformation for wind power sector. The Government of Brazil recognizes the importance of wind as an excellent and environment friendly source of energy thereby focusing on growth of wind power sector in the region. The importance of wind power sector in Brazil overall energy matrix is reflected from the fact that wind capacity has grown almost 50% CAGR from 2006 to 2012. The installed wind power capacity in Brazil has grown from under 300 MW in 2006 to more than 2500 MW in 2012.

The number of operational wind farms has also been increasing in the country, raising the total amount of electricity supplied by wind power in the nation. This also speaks volumes about the high return potential of investing in the sector, which has attracted various domestic and foreign companies into Brazil wind power sector. The Wind farm auctions process followed by the Brazilian government has been the major contributor towards the unprecedented growth of the wind power sector in recent years. The auction process adopted by the government has not only contributed in the past growth trajectory attained by wind power sector but it has also led to the favorable platform required for the growth levels to be achieved in the future.

“Brazil Wind Power Sector Opportunity Analysis 2018” research report by KuicK Research is an intriguing text that gives detailed facts and analysis on latest developments in the wind power sector in Brazil. Report analyzes the factors responsible for the growth of wind power sector and the need to resolve challenges in order to maintain growth momentum in future. Report discusses following aspects related to wind power sector in Brazil:

  • Sector Overview
  • Wind Power Installed Capacity by Region, State & Entity
  • Onshore & Offshore Wind Power Reserves
  • Sector Dynamics
  • Incentive Program (PROINFA)
  • Regulatory Framework

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