Turning Cancer Treatment to fight Covid-19 Patients

Release Date: 15-Aug-2020

Covid-19 pandemic is a major problem all over the world. At different corners of the world, different treatments and drugs are getting evaluated for fighting coronavirus. Similarly, a team of researchers at the University of Minnesota are trying the get rid of the Covid-19 virus particles from the body using novel immunotherapy that was particularly developed for fighting the cancer cells. Researchers indulged in the same have been trying to develop genetically modified NK cells in order to treat the patients suffering from lymphoma. Now they have turned the whole table towards Covid-19 treatment. It is due to the fact that theu have realized that other than cancer targeting properties, NK cells also possess some anti-viral properties.


Through their confidence and study about the efficiency of NK cells acting as anti-virals, they have convinced the regulatory body US FDA to approve the first human clinical trial for using NK cells against the corona virus infection. The trial is about to get started on the patients who don’t require ventilator to live. It is estimated that the results of the respective study will totally revolutionize the present scenario as NK cells have been proving themselves against the cancer cells from very beginning.

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