T-Cell Cryopreservation - Future of Cancer Management

Release Date: 17-Sep-2019

A new concept is identified for treating the cancer, which is known as T-Cell Cryopreservation. Recently, Cell Vault announced to launch world’s first T-Cell Cryopreservation bank in US. Cell Vault wants to make T-cell collection an easy process. They offer a membership plan in the T-Cell Cryopreservation bank and after choosing a membership plan, the customer will receive a collection kit in the mail.


After that, an appointment of about 5-minute is booked with the help of mobile or other device. At the time of appointment, one of the teammate known as phlebotomist will come to the customer’s home or place of work to take the sample. The phlebotomist will then overnight the package to the lab where it is processed and stored 


An unanswered question is associated with the T-Cell Cryopreservation is related to the cell viability. According to Dr Hari, a scientific advisor of the Cell Vault, there is precedent via the way stem cell products are currently collected that shows a minute loss of viability of the T-cells. This loss is negligible in the case of stem cells and some of these cells can be stored for a period of about two decades.  


Dr. Hari further added that some of the available data also suggest that the duration of the cryopreservation and time in storage are the two factors affecting the T-cell activity to an extent. But these factors should not affects the CAR-T cells, T receptor Cells or vaccine cells created from stored cells as they are artificially programmed to generate the desired response.


The one of the essential step involved in the T-cell immunotherapy is isolation and collection of the sufficient amount of the healthy T-cells. It is a major limitation according to DR. Hari. So he decided to work on the program, which generate cell for everyone. A large number of patient whoi did not have sufficient amount of T-cells to collect and start the process of CAR-T cell therapy. So, if healthy cells could be stored before cancer occurs, than the treatment should be possible for every cancer patient.


The research data available for T-Cell Cryopreservation is limited. There is much more to learn about T-cell cryopreservation. Cell Vault’s launch in September 2019 is just one example of the bigger global commitment toward the broad use of CAR-T therapy.

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